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Zoom How to enable and disable filters in Zoom – Complete user tutorial Zoom meetings have become so useful nowadays …

Zoom How to enable and disable filters in Zoom - Complete user tutorial Zoom meetings have become so useful nowadays ...

Zoom meetings have become so useful today, where education, work and even freestyle or personalized parties have required an open virtual door to connect between participants, and Zoom has provided a dynamic, efficient and creative system that helps connect . Filters have been included in Zoom to provide a more personal and fun adventure when sharing through this environment.

What are filters for in Zoom meetings?

Certainly, when a person needs to use a filter, it is because he wants to improve. Either your background or a feature of your face or image that you don’t want to highlight. So, the filters help to disguise a little the naturalness of the person and the space.

Improves the user’s appearance

Using filters provides a better version of the user, perfecting its appearance, in relation to the texture of the face, makeup, among others. It also includes a way to make meetings fun, of course, if the theme applies.

Overlap a theme

You can make a meeting with a defined or specific topic, where users agree with the common theme and so each places the same filter so that they can all be seen in an activity. For example, the filter can display a beach background, to get used to meeting in this place, just as if you were actually sunbathing on a beach in the summer.

Makes the meeting more fun

Sharing often gets a little boring when the topics are pretty much the same and the usual group of friends get together. So to give your meeting a fun touch, you can apply filters that cause a entertainment and a new topic of conversation. Allowing everyone to get a little out of everyday life.


What are the requirements to be able to use filters for my meetings?

For the use of filters, first you need a computer or a mobile phone, where you hold your meetings.

On Windows computers

You need to sign in to Zoom, then go to the profile picture and select the settings option, where the background and filters option will appear, you need to click there and select the video filter. In this box Zoom offers a variety of options to choose from, depending on your style.

With a Mac computer

Log in to Zoom, click the profile picture, and select the setup option. Then enter the video option, select there camera options and change the default value to the one that says Snap camera. And the image with the Snapchat filter above will be displayed, changing in real time from the video call.

On your Android mobile phone

Filters are available from the beginning of a meeting. At the bottom of the application, several (+) are selected in the controls, which will lead to a section of tools. Select backgrounds and filters, access and choose your favorite.

On iPhone phones

Open the Zoom app, choose the setup option, and access backgrounds and filters, on the right side are options to start the special touch of appearance.

How do I turn off the filters I used at my Zoom meeting?

Remember that the filters are saved and activated in the configuration Zoom settings, so be sure to turn them off after sharing is complete. Since it can happen that a meeting starts that deserves a little more seriousness and an inadequate filter comes out by mistake.

video conference

To disable these filters, you need to enter options by pressing the up arrow next to the camcorder icon and check the box to enable or disable filters.

From the web server

Click the video filters option, go to the box named None in the upper left corner of the options.

From the mobile app

In the settings, go to the background and videos option, select video filters, and choose none or none, and turn it off.

What is the best external application to use filters in Zoom?

Snap Camera is a filter and effects application developed by Snap Inc. It offers hundreds of different effects and filters, which is why it has become a favorite for Zoom users. However, this application has a flaw because it does not yet have a mobile version. So it is expected that it will develop it soon, so that everyone can enjoy the filters it offers.