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Youtube How to enlarge and get more views on my YouTube videos – Definitive Guide

Youtube How to enlarge and get more views on my YouTube videos - Definitive Guide

We all know that YouTube is the largest video platform in history, if you have an account and want to increase the number of views on your videos, just follow this guide I analyzed for you, Otherwise, he runs to create a YouTube account to implement these strategies.

People often use YouTube to create any type of contentTherefore, you can visit the platform and find a video that is related to any topic you are looking for, but be careful with this, because younger people might find videos inappropriate for it, just turn on YouTube parental control and to avoid inconveniences.

And when you want to see content for the elderly, do the opposite, remove the YouTube age restriction from your computer, and for a better experience, you can also remove this restriction from your mobile, like this one. everyone can enjoy endless videos by the categories available to you.

So if you want join content creators and generate many visits To grow on this platform, we will simply show you the ultimate guide on how to do it.

Recommendations for your YouTube channel

If you’ve already created your channel, the first thing you should do is give it authenticity, customized to your liking but very important must give him a visual appeal you can find Google color combinations or design tools to help highlight all aspects of your channel.

Something indispensable, although it may not seem so the relationship of your channel to the name, do not let the content deviate from your theme, sometimes we can find YouTube channels with names that have nothing to do with their content, this is garbage that will attract almost no visits.

One way to guide you is to see the most successful channels based on your content, and use them as a model, all these recommendations are so that you can have a channel suitable for the public.

Therefore, this basic aspect is very important when you keep someone on your channel watching the videos, but if what we want is increase visits you need to do the following.

Definitive guide to increasing the number of visits and views on YouTube

The first thing you should do is create valuable contentAn important tip is that the video is not boring, use effects such as transitions, animations or funny sounds in certain parts of the video, in order to become quite interesting, so that you keep the duration of the user and increase the viewing.

Each time you create and upload a video, place one quite detailed and specific description It also adds a hashtag for the YouTube search engine to link your video to multiple keywords, and these are related to your content.

After you create the video and upload it, use a attractive title, If you have more ideas for the title, you can add and separate with the bar created by pressing another + 124 (|), the title is very important because it is the visual aspect and this is the first thing that attracts users.

results of increased visits to YouTube

Once you have finished creating the ideal and optimal content, you need visits, apart from the fact that they come on their own from the same platform, we recommend that you share your videos on social media As for example in Instagram stories, Facebook groups, Facebook fan page, Twitter posting, even in WhatsApp status, just don’t limit yourself.

There is a strategy to increase the number of visits and it is relating videos to each other, In other words, you have a video that leads to another as a series or sequence, many users call it a long queue strategy. This is currently the boom in success, if you can create a long enough video relationship, you will notice a smaller increase in visits.

Finally, don’t create very short videos every time you upload content that is at least 5 minutes long, it will show YouTube the importance of your video, Don’t stop uploading content the more often you upload videos, the more subscribers and views you’ll gain. Success!