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Youtube How much data or megabytes does it take to watch a video on YouTube? – Guide to saving data

Youtube How much data or megabytes does it take to watch a video on YouTube?  - Guide to saving data

Already with more than 15 years in the public consciousness, YouTube is one of the pillars that started the revolution of computers and the Internet as we know it today, representing since its inception a powerful visual tool for consuming and creating all types of content through a sophisticated algorithm that adapts to your tastes and needs.

Over time, YouTube has been updated to keep up with constant technological advances to stay the main video service by above its direct competitors. With the ability to easily create an account or a YouTube channel, so that the algorithm of the platform to customize the software to your liking.

YouTube has adapted perfectly to the new electronic devices available to become a multiplatform tool, so you can sync your account across different devices. You may also be disconnected from YouTube open on other devices on your mobile phone to prevent others from changing your custom search algorithm.

Relying on a wide range of tools available free of charge to all audiences, for both creating and consuming content, giving its users the ability to increase or change the playback speed of YouTube videos to increase the consumption of content on the platform to increase its popularity.

Being a cross-platform tool, YouTube is used, like the rest of the applications especially on smartphones, where many have already installed it by default, or you can easily download it from Google Play, giving users the ability to create and upload content wherever they want.

In this way, YouTube has a simple and easy to use platform for smartphones in order to provides a better experience for its users. However, it is still important to have an idea about it before using it. Therefore, today we’ll show you how much data or megabytes it takes to watch a video on YouTube with this data saving guide.

How much data or megabytes does it take to watch a video on YouTube?

Watching videos on YouTube without being connected to WiFi is not recommended due to the high level data consumption or megabytes they have, regardless of the quality of the video. It’s important to keep in mind that not only are YouTube videos on the platform, but also on various pages, so be careful when browsing data or megabytes.

Several studies have been done to get a specific idea of ​​data or megabyte consumption depending on the quality of the video per minute and hour, so you can take into account the expenses you will incur at the moment. use YouTube without being connected to WiFi.

  • 144p resolution: 1.90 MB per minute – 114 MB per hour.
  • 240p resolution: 2.70 MB per minute – 162 MB per hour.
  • 360p resolution: 4.40 MB per minute – 264 MB per hour.
  • 480p resolution: 7.70 MB per minute – 462 MB per hour.
  • 720p resolution: 14.50 MB per minute – 870 MB per hour.
  • 1080p resolution: 27.61 MB per minute – 1597 MB per hour.

Guide to saving data

The best way to save data using YouTube Setting the video quality before playback is the same, as the default setting for YouTube videos is 480p, so reducing the video quality to 144p or 240p is essential for saving data.

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You can easily reduce your YouTube video quality for both Android and iOS by YouTube> Menu> Quality.

You can also download videos beforehand leave a WiFi zone To save data, a feature that YouTube offers depending on your country. If you do not have the option, there are various external tools for this.

You may also set a limit on the application’s data consumption from the phone settings to avoid consuming an exorbitant amount of megabytes.