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You’ll soon be able to add music to your photos and videos on Facebook

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Facebook allows users to share photos and videos with the soundtrack. Posts will be able to receive songs for both stories and chronology of social networks as well Instagram already allows, not in Brazil.

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To add a song, simply take or choose a photo or video from your gallery, tap the sticker icon and choose the song, then select which side to attach to the media file to post. A playlist will appear and you will not be able to choose your own music by uploading an MP3 file from your computer or smartphone , e.g.

The news will be presented to social network subscribers Mark Zuckerberg starting next week and will be available as a test for selected users. Everyone who sees the post with the song will have a kind of icon that shows who the song is and what its name is, which is very useful in videos, to show that the song is not part of the original capture.

Recently, Facebook said it already has 300 million users who access and interact daily in stories, either on the Facebook site or on Messenger . It’s 100 million more than those who popularized the short form for vertical video sharing, Snapchat.

With information: Engadget.

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