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WordPress WordPress: How to customize a theme with Astra and Elementor – Complete WordPress Guide, is the system where you can create and manage content …

WordPress WordPress: How to customize a theme with Astra and Elementor - Complete WordPress Guide, is the system where you can create and manage content ...

WordPress, is the system in which you can create and manage web content, highly sought after and used to be an open source system (which allows you to improve it) and free. Because it does not require programming or high technical knowledge, it has become so popular that it has been used to create over 30% of web pages.

One of the the advantages that WordPress has, is to customize the visual appearance of your website with the themes it offers you, Astra being one of the most sought after themes by the creators, in this post we will teach you how to customize and give a new design to your page .

Where can you find customization themes in WordPress with Astra?

Astra, an attractive template to be light and gives a professional toneTo apply it, we will go to connect to the WordPress admin panel.

tutorial to customize astra theme in wordpress


We will look at the menu on the left and go to the Appearance option.


In the menu that just appeared, we press the customization optionWhen it loads, in the menu on the left, we will select the Astra theme.

How to use Astra and Elementor typography correctly in WordPress?

Being typography one of the most important features When designing a web page, using the options offered by the Astra template and the Elementor plugin becomes crucial to be able to reflect your personality and the essence of the page. It is highlighted that one of the best plugins that best fits this template is Elementor, enter the options we find in the menu:

Based printing

This template gives us a great a variety of free Google fonts, and with the Elementor plugin we can create or find the one that flows best with the style of the web page, we can change the size and view how it would fit mobile phones, computers or tablets.

change the astra theme header

Good header

Another important aspect of a web page is the header, being the top of the page where we will find the search menu, the logo, among other elements, it must be visually and aesthetically pleasing.

Fortunately you have 2 options that will help you To meet these expectations, you can use the header style provided by the Astra template or you can create your own header through the Elementor plugin.

Use good colors

When designing the page, we need to choose and combine a color palette that we prefer, which will appear in the main elements, such as menus, links, among others. In particular the colors will be assigned hexagonally and must match the main color.


In this option we can edit the value of the maximum width of the content that we will place on the page or entry. We have to note that the width is the size of the page from left to right, which will host the content we publish, including the header and footer.

How to have a good header customization in WordPress with Astra?

Another important aspect to the design is the headboard because from here we can configure the logo, the main menu and other aspects of the page, among the options offered by this theme we find:

See site identity

In this section we will find the options for placing the logo of the web page, this square or favicon image is the one we see in the browser tabs, it is very important that the logo design is simple and easy to reproduce.

edit the astra theme header

Make the main board

For creating the main header, we will have to activate the header and footer aspect, the realization process is as follows:

  • We enter the WordPress administrator
  • In the menu on the left, click Appearance – Astra Options
  • We continue «Use the new header / footer layout», it is recommended that you have the updated version of the Astra theme.
  • I clicked «go to customizer», I noticed the new options that were added to the menu. Click on «Header aspect» and we can continue to edit the web page header.

We’ll find the elements to change the header layout, place the logo, and the occasional item we want to add. You always have to consider the colors of the logo, page aesthetics and avoids overloading the elements.

How to use additional customizations with Astra in WordPress?

Most of the options that Astra offers you are accessible to any user who uses their template, but similarly, we can find additional options in its premium version that adds more details in the standard version, some of them are:

  • More colors and backgrounds to add
  • Different models for inputs
  • Additional header sections
  • New basement aspects

And other options that we can find if we make this investment to achieve something different and unique on your website.