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Wordpad How to place a page horizontally in WORDPAD? – Change the orientation of WordPad, it is a basic word processor, we can make this program …

Wordpad How to place a page horizontally in WORDPAD?  - Change the orientation of WordPad, it is a basic word processor, we can make this program ...

WordPad is a basic word processor, this program can be found in almost all versions of Microsoft Windows. You can change the orientation of a portrait page in landscape from taskbar.

Although WordPad and Microsoft Word are very similar, there are big differences between the two, One of them is that Word is accompanied by other programs such as Excel and PowerPoint, while WordPad is much more basic and does not have as many interactive elements as we see in Microsoft Word.

WordPad is more similar to a note blog, but it contains other elements, With which the notepad does not have, if you still do not know what use to give this program and you do not know whether to install or uninstall WordPad completely, in this post we will show you how to use it, so you can make a decision.

Can you put a document horizontally using WORDPAD?

Every text editing program has tools to change the orientation of the document, in the case of WordPad you can do it from the taskbar, without having to customize it.

In the WordPad taskbar, is very similar to Microsoft Word, in it you will find functions that will help you when editing a text, you can also find the option to include images in your documents or to customize all your texts through this program, you can even create a table with WordPad .

What steps do I need to follow to make a sheet look horizontal?

To change the page orientation in WordPad, you must:

  • Connect to WordPad
  • Select the document on which you want to change the orientation of the sheet
  • On the left, at the top you have to select where it says «File»
  • In the pop-up window you need to select the sixth option, the one that says «Page Setup»
  • In the window that will open, you need to access the section where it says «Orientation»
  • You will see two options «Vertical» and «Horizontal»
  • You must select the desired one, in this case «Horizontal»
  • Finally, tap where it says «OK» and voila

If you can’t set up page orientation, you can access the Microsoft support page so that they can give you instructions.

How do I add a new horizontal page?

It’s very simple, because once the previous page has been set up horizontally, the new page added will remain the same orientation of the previous one, ie in horizontal form. If you want to change the orientation again, you just have to do the same process, but this time choose the «Vertical» option.

Remember that WordPad is simpler than its Word companion and its functions are basic, basically its main function is to write and format texts, currently very few people work with this program because one of its disadvantages is that does not correct spelling errors.

add a new page to the wordpad

How do I change the overall sheet size in WORDPAD?

WordPad has very simple featuresFor this reason, this program allows its users to make changes to the format, it is a fairly simple procedure, for this you just need to:

  • The first thing you need to do is enter the WordPad program
  • Once there, you need to select the section that says «File»
  • Then you need to click on the «Page Setup» section
  • A pop-up window will open

In this option you can make all the desired settings in WordPad format, from the size of the paper, the edges, the orientation of the sheet among others.

Keep in mind that WordPad allows you to open Word documents, but most likely they do has errors in their formats, this is another reason why Word is always the first choice when editing text, as it allows you to make more professional edits, including creating or creating templates and posters.