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Word What is a .doc file and what does it mean? What programs can use to open this extension?

Word What is a .doc file and what does it mean?  What programs can use to open this extension?

If you want to know how to open a .doc document file extension, but it’s difficult for you, you don’t have to worry, you shouldn’t hurry and you want to delete your Microsoft account, because it is difficult for you. create a. doc file

Steps to creating a .doc file is very simpleTherefore, we will explain what is a .doc file, what it means and what program you can use to open the extension. The idea is to give you all the explanations in a simple way, so that when working with a .doc file it is a fairly simple process.

What is the .doc file? The meaning of the .doc file

If you want to know what is a .doc file You have come to the right place where we will provide you with clear and accurate information so that you can understand it more easily. A .doc file is nothing more than a Microsoft Word document that is used to create any conventional document we are used to.

The .doc terminal in the file means that the format of the file or document is text only and belongs to versions 2007 and later of Microsoft Word, when you view a .doc file you can immediately identify that the document is text, because there are also files with the .docx terminal.

Differences between a .doc and .docx file

A .doc file is a text-only document that Microsoft Word has implemented to be able to compress text into Change the .docx file It was implemented by Microsoft Word to be able to provide text or image format files in a much more secure way and, of course, the main idea of ​​.docx files is that they are more compressed documents than .doc.

Steps to create a .doc file

The steps to create a .doc file are very easy to follow, the first thing you need to do to start the process is to activate your Microsoft Office account in order to use Microsoft Word.

After activating your Microsoft Office account, you need to go to the beginning of your computer and type the word «Word» so that you can click the Word icon and the file creation tool opens.

After starting Word, you will be tasked with writing and entering all the information you need, you will use Word freely as you usually do to create the file without problems, you can add text, images, graphics, create tables.

Once you have the file ready, you need to go to the option where it says «File» this option appears in the top tab of the instrument table. When you click where the file is written, you will get other options.

You need to select the fourth option that says «Save» to indicate whether you want to save the file to your computer or OneDrive. Because you were initially responsible for activating your Microsoft Office account when you save the file and view its properties, you’ll realize that it will be automatically saved as .doc.

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What programs can open the .doc file extension?

When a document with extension .doc errors may occur in a program other than the predestined one, but you can use other programs to open the extension.

When you use one of these programs, it will happen as when it is copied and pasted into Word so as not to lose the format. It’s all about knowing how to use another program correctly and getting tips so you can use the ideal program. There are four program alternatives that we can offer, so you can easily open a .doc file extension.

The first alternative is the ideal, open the document with Microsoft Word, but if your computer does not have Word, you can use a program called Kingsoft, which is very similar to Word. Third, you can install and use Open Office, and finally, another very safe alternative is to use another Microsoft program, which is Word Viewer.