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Word How to remove the edge of a text box from Word – For Mac and Win 10 Today we use Word as the main tool to create files and …

Word How to remove the edge of a text box from Word - For Mac and Win 10 Today we use Word as the main tool to create files and ...

Today we use Word as the main tool to create files or other types of documents. According to this application, not only can you write, but you can create concept maps and customize images or documents to your liking. For this reason, there is an option where we can take pictures in any area of ​​the sheet where you can write.

On the one hand, when inserting this option is added with a border that proves the appearance of the same. Therefore, below we will tell you everything you need to know about this option and how to remove its edges.

What can I edit in a text box?

In essence, a text box is a specific option offered by Word, which is a predefined style. This it helps us add words, where you can add any type of text, graphics, maps, images, flowcharts, calendars, insert math formulas and more. You can also add it to any area, whether it’s a photo, an image, or other sentences you want to cover.

It should be said that it has a rectangular shape with a white background where you can start writing comfortably. By implementing one of these boxes, you can change it as you wish, where it is possible to change its position on the sheet, to change its size to be larger or smaller.

It is also possible to generate maps by inserting several different tables and formulas.

remove the border from the text box in the word

You can also add it to enter summaries, quotes or ideas to get attention in a document.

How do I insert a borderless text box?

First of all, you need to know that all the important tools we use in Word are at the top. It should be noted that in this bar you can enter a wide variety of options important for making our documents.

In order to make a table we have to go to the «Insert» section when we enter, we can see several tools. For all, you can press two options in which, in the first we press «Forms» and then we select the first tool which appears, being the text box. You can also select it with the second option, which is by entering the «Insert» part and in the bar, search directly for the «Text box» option and then click «Draw text box».

Now, with the box selected, we have to position it on the sheet and create it by pressing the right mouse button and dragging it to the desired size. When we believe it, we will see that a new format window opens, in the tools section. Then, in this area we have to select «Contour shape», when we press this option a menu with several tools will appear. Then tap the one that says «No Outline» once we click, we’ll see our box it has no borders.

learn how to delete the text box from the word

Likewise, as you go through this process, it is also possible to configure the edges created with cells in an accomplished document.

What are the steps for customizing text boxes?

In addition to adding the box, it is also possible to customize it to match what we want to achieve. To do this, you can select the previously created text box so that the options bar appears, then tap «Format Outline» where you will see a wide variety of colors. These can be added to the outline of the box to make it colorful.

Also in this section you can click «Change shape», this option allows you to view more unique shapes that allow you to modify the text box selects only the one you like best. Finally, if you want to move the box instead, you just have to press it with the mouse, hold down the right button and drag the box to the place where it should be positioned. Even when we have finished editing the document, we can print it to have it physically.

How to make the text box transparent?

If you want to place the text box about an image or another section, it must be completely transparent.

In the same way, create a text box and click on it with the right mouse button, you will see that there are several options in which we need to select «Text box format». In doing so a new window will appear, in the «Color and line» section, click on the drop-down menu of the line option, where you can «No color».