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Word How to make a header in Word with and without template For various reasons, we asked ourselves how to do …

Word How to make a header in Word with and without template For various reasons, we asked ourselves how to do ...

For various reasons, we questioned ourselves how to make a header in the Word program. And it is either through a default template or not. The header is not just an attractive way to present information.

Usually at the business level, they are usually a way to represent the company. Well, they usually carry the company logo along with your data. And with that, the tool that Microsoft Office makes available to us, we can create them through Word. We just have to consider what and how we can do them.

All through the different ways that the application can generate. Since the same will be subject to the creative work of the company or the person in charge of their manufacture

What are the essential elements of a header?


From the header to the basement of a header, it is important to know what they are. Because, by being able to list them, we will have an advantage when it comes to obtaining them.

  1. Company logo
  2. The name of the person, company or organization
  3. Address (legal / commercial)
  4. Date
  5. Phone and fax
  6. E-mail
  7. internet address

Once we consider this, we can find this on the Word document sheet. Because here we will also have the essential elements on a header.

Once we have opened the Microsoft Word program, we select a blank page. Here we place the insertion tab on the ribbon. Then we select titles. Here we can see the different header patterns that will appear for us. We can select or customize them. Another way to access the header is by double-clicking on the top of the sheet.

Header space will be assigned by the Word program.

Once we place the header we want to use, we proceed to customize it. We click on the images, only in the ribbon insertion section. When the additional window is open, we select the desired one. We click on the image and in the format we click on text adjustment and let’s send behind the text.

If we have previously saved the project we want to use for the header on the computer, we continue to add it to the sheet. For this, we need to click on «images»Which is in the« insert »tab and select the design. Then, placed on the chosen image, we go to «format», click on «text adjustment» and continue to send it «behind the text».

save word with header

Once this is done, we can enter the logo and / or slogan. To attach the first we will go to insert> images> to select the appropriate ones and we accept. Click the image, then click adjust text and send back. This is usually sent to the top right of the header.

To add the slogan, it will be enough include a text box in the insert tab. We position ourselves on the title and that’s it, we apply it and write the slogan.

  1. Finally, we will have basement, what we will place here:
  2. Name of person, company or organization, Address (legal / commercial), Date, telephone and fax, post, Web address. This is we add through a text box once we program the footer footer.
  3. In the lower right area we double click and this will leave our basement open.
  4. We are located in enter the area and then basement. Here we will take the same previous step. We will choose a model and from here we can modify it. In addition, the footer can only be accessed by double-clicking at the bottom of the page.
  5. We can bring a default pattern from images saved on your computer or create them using program forms and numbers.
  6. Once customized, we return to insert> text box. And we will create it in the basement. Then we will add the information we have already mentioned before. Which should be professionally adjusted so that it is displayed in the most presentable way possible.

Why did my header become discolored when printed?

Sometimes our impressions are usually seen affected by our printer configuration. Because when you make a header, the amount of color tends to deteriorate. But to this we can add the images, headers and the previously configured footer.

blurred printing of the letterhead

Still here we can try two things: Improve the print quality of our header or change the document size.

Improve your settings print quality from our printer

We can access the queue File> Print> Settings> Print Quality >, Optimal or maximum.

Our document has been saved in PDF format and print it.

In some cases, our header template has problems with the configuration of our version of Word or the printer. In some cases, it is a good idea to turn our Word document into a PDF.

To do this, we will do the following from the open document. We enter file> save as> select «this team» > click the folder we want to save. Once this is done, a window will appear, click on the «Type» drop-down menu and check «PDF» and click save.

convert word with pdf header

Once this is done, we enter the PDF document of our header and offer print with previous print settings.

How do I create a default template to use as a header?

It may be a good idea to save our header as a template after we’re done. Saving customization issues to get started right away is a great way to time decreases. But what do we need to do to create it from a default template.

But we’ve already done it, we just need to open our header, wait for it to load and then go to the file tab. Here we go to the save option as. In the options that will appear, select the place where we will save «This PC». Then, on the right, we will choose a destination folder that we want to select, maybe the «documents» folder.

Here a separate window will open in which we can change the name with which we will save it and the type of document. After customizing the location and name, we click on «Type» and choose the format we want to use. A drop-down menu will open here that will give us more options to choose from. We move on to the option Word Template or if in your case we want the «Word 97-2003 template» for compatibility with other previous versions.

save as you create a default header template

This will leave our template in the custom template area that we can use later. To do this, open the Microsoft Word program and click in the «personal» tab

Here templates we created from our team. From here we can use this template as a starting point for future projects with our header.