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Word How to create a fingerprint to be inserted into a Word or PDF document Digitizing has made life easier for thousands of people …

Word How to create a fingerprint to be inserted into a Word or PDF document Digitizing has made life easier for thousands of people ...

Digitization has made life easier for thousands of people globally. It allows you to perform tasks quickly, easily and efficiently, including signing or authenticating documents. To authenticate the person’s identity, in addition to the signature, the fingerprint can be added to the digital documentsLearning how to do it is not difficult at all.

So you can get a digital image of your fingerprint

To obtain the image of a fingerprint, the user can use two elements to obtain it, using a camera or a scanner.


One way to get the fingerprint image is to take the fingerprint with special ink and paste it on a white sheet of paper, then scan this image and copy it to your computer.


If the user does not have the special paint, you can capture your fingerprint with your phone’s camera. It is recommended to place your finger on a white sheet and take a good quality shadow photo without the flash.

This is how to add your fingerprint image to Word

Regardless of the item that was used to create the fingerprint image, the user must save the image on his computer in the folder of his choice. Then you have to open the Microsoft Word document where you want to add the fingerprint image, you must first insert a rectangle with a white background and black edges, which will serve to place the image of the fingerprint.

Removing the background

Then you need to insert the image of the fingerprint into the document and cut off its edges, removing as much background as possible. Also, clicking on the image will activate the format editing options and you can Click the «Remove Background» icon in the upper left corner.

look for fingerprint recognition

Defining transparent color

For a better effect, select the «Color» icon, then «Define transparent color.» If necessary, the image can be corrected, it is recommended to try «Brightness» at 40% and «Contrast» at 20%. Sometimes color correction changes the background, so the image may require a transparent color redefinition. Finally, you need to click on the image and click «Adjust text», then «In front of the text» and move the image to box that was inserted in the document at the beginning.

This way, you can use your fingerprint image as a signature in a PDF

The first step is to make sure that the «Acrobat Reader DC» program is installed on your computer. After opening the PDF document, the user must locate at the top of the screen and click «Tools». When you do this step, an options window will appear, you need to click the «Fill in and sign» icon and a new window will appear with the title «Who needs to fill in and sign?», So the user has to click on «You». .

At the top of the document is the icon «Signature», clicking there, a new window will appear, you need to select «Add signature». The fingerprint image must be attached by pressing the blue «Image» icon, then the «Apply» button. When the fingerprint appears, its size can be adjusted by clicking on it and moving the blue box.

converting the fingerprint to pdf

How do I convert my fingerprint image to PNG?

Convert an image to PNG format It is an excellent alternative to highlight the details of the image. There are many free online format converters available on the internet. However, doing this in «Paint» is quite easy. First, you need to open the program, go to the toolbar and click «Open» to be able to select the image you want to convert to PNG format. Then the user has to click on «File» and select the option «Save as», a window with formatting options will be displayed. The «PNG Format» option is selected, and the changes are finally saved.