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Word How to convert a PDF file to Word without the need for programs It is very common to always receive different types of messages or …

Word How to convert a PDF file to Word without the need for programs It is very common to always receive different types of messages or ...

It is very common to always receive different types of messages or e-mails, either for work or for study, which mainly usually come in PDF format. PDF files are an easy way to send a document without it being edited or modified. But when we use it, we need to transfer it to a platform that allows us to make the necessary changes to be able to adjust what we want.

Because of this The word becomes our best alloy. Because in this application we can change and adjust the cells, we can add more texts or we can simply save them comfortably on our device. But when we convert it, we use programs that may be risky or that do not work properly. Next we will tell you how to convert any PDF file to Word in a simple way.

Is it possible to convert a PDF file to Word without programs and without uploading it to the network?

It should be noted that PDFs are very useful documents because we can easily share them and each word it contains occupies a space without corresponding to the characters. So being like a photo we can’t edit it under no circumstances and to do this it is necessary to implement Word.

Unfortunately, when we go online to find a page to help us convert the files. These can be confusing or present messages security threat of our device. So we need to find another alternative to make it safe.

For this reason, fortunately there are several tools that allow us to convert PDF to Word without having to use a program and completely free. It is also possible to convert a Word document to PDF.

Why would you prefer to convert it directly instead of downloading a program?

Because on the web we will find endless pages that may not be safe or difficult to use. The documents we will convert always have confidential information and private, which is not suitable for uploading to an online platform that we do not know. We also don’t know what kind of confidentiality we will have for our documents, so we should always go through the safest procedure.

Do I need anything specific to be able to convert my PDF to Word?

To perform this procedure very quickly, you must have downloaded the PDF document we want to convert. They also have the app Microsoft Word On our computer and voila, you will not need any other type of external program or you do not have to use the internet.

How can I convert the file without using programs? Step by step

Because Word is a great platform to fix any document, even adding photomontages to your presentations. Therefore, to convert it we will use the same platform which is the Word.

Open Word and drag the PDF to the Word home page

First step What you need to apply is to position yourself on the main page of your computer.

turns Word PDF programs into need

Then you need to download the PDF and place it on the main screen, having it there you can open the Microsoft Word program. When you open it, stay in the area where it asks you to start adding a new blank sheet (don’t press anything yet). All you have to do is minimize the program and drag the PDF file we have on the main page to the bottom of the Word start.

A message will appear and you have to wait until the text is optimized

When you drag our PDF file into this area, you will see a pop-up message which says, «Word will convert the file to an editable document,» which may take a few minutes. During this time, what you will do is optimize it.

Once the process is complete, just click accept

When you finish uploading and spend the conversion time. A warning will appear just press the button ‘To accept’ to insert the document and see it completely converted to Word. In this document you will have all the documents that the PDF had, but it may happen that some of them have been moved or modified, this usually happens when there are many graphic elements. Therefore, at this point, you can change the font style and adjust the document to your liking.

PDF and Word document conversion

Is there any other way to convert my PDF to Word without programs?

What some users don’t know is that there are several ways useful to be able to convert your PDF files without having to install any kind of program. Where you will have to choose which one you like the most to start the conversion.

Open Word and go directly to the file

In this first step, we will not do what was done in the previous process. This time we will enter Word on the blank page, ie we will go to the blank page where we write. Once here, we go to the top of the platform and press the button that writes file.

Find the Browse and Open option to select the document

When we enter, we will select the part that says «Open» and we will click on «Browse» at search our documents The PDF we want to convert, select it and press the accept button.

The same message will appear

It will be a few minutes and a message will appear again indicating that the conversion has taken place.

Click OK and the document will open as Word

When the message appears, we just have to press the OK button and when we do, our file that is now in PDF in Word will appear. Available to make any kind of change. If you are using a Mac device it is better to apply this last option.