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Word How do I organize columnar text in Microsoft Word? As a professional Word it is a platform that presents a simple and unique interface, …

Word How do I organize columnar text in Microsoft Word?  As a professional Word it is a platform that presents a simple and unique interface, ...

Word is a platform that has a simple and unique interface, which shows more and more that it is the best application par excellence in which we can even make certificates. It is clear that because it is so widely used for various activities, this it must have many tools useful to help users who use it. In essence, many do not know all that this application can offer.

It is common for many people to wonder how to organize the text into columns of the documents we make in Word. Below we will show you the most professional way to do this.

What are the columns used for?

First of all, tables are a very useful option because they allow us to reference a format or organize it. The best thing is that it is easy and automatic; that to achieve it presents boxes which are known as cells.

Likewise, it is common to make several documents in Word every day, in which we present you with a large amount of information. Where we can easily find or replace them with other texts, to then organize them with columns, in essence, this allows us to make the document look more orderly. In addition to drawing readers’ attention, organize different ideas into several sections or add news in separate parts of the main document.

In what documents can I use the columns?

It should be noted that this option is activated for any type of document. In fact, you can add it to documents that present tables and graphs to separate ideas.

But the most recommended is to use it in academic papers, brochures or newspapers. Because they tend to have this formatting style, it’s also a good idea to use it in documents that have a lot of words. By making the reader more motivated to read, you will finally be able to print it and see that it will not change its appearance.

What are the steps for organizing the text into columns?

To complete this process, you need to search for the document you want to edit. Then we go to the text that we are going to place in different columns, then we will go to the Word toolbar and we will press the option of «Page Design». In this part, we will see a box that says Columns, click on it.

Once we click it, we’ll see a list of more options available to you. Now you can select the option you like bestfor example, the one who says «Two» is responsible for splitting the document in half to create two parts of it. But if you select three, you will be able to divide it into three equal parts.

When we select the option we can see that the document it separates immediately. On the other hand, if you didn’t like any of the options that were presented in the list, you can click the option that says «Multiple columns» where a box will open.

In this new window you can add the desired columns in the «Number of columns» area where you can change the number of columns you need.

organize the text with the word

Then, click accept, then by adding the columns, you will be able to enter the signature and save the document.

How do I customize the default columns?

It is also possible to customize the columns, one of the options that exist is to add is a jump in the column. This is used to determine where the column begins or ends with a jump, allowing us to move the text to another location.

To do this, we need to find the insertion point at the beginning of the paragraph you want to move. Then tap the word where the page looks like and again click «Jumps», by doing so you will see many options. But, we will select the one that says «Columns» and you will see that the text moves to the beginning of the next column.

In this jumping area you can see other options same as «Pages», in this you can make specific jumps from several pages. There is also the option to pack text where you can separate the words around the objects on the webpage.

Also, at the bottom you can select other types of jumps as: «Next page», this helps you start a new session on the next page. There is also «Continuous» which creates a section on the page you are using, «Paginated even», where you can insert a section on the page seems to be found in the document and «Odd Page» to perform the same procedure, but with next page odd.