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Wooden door lock

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Always good to know what wooden door lock it is the most convenient for us.

It is important to know the advantages of one lock over another, how it works and what types of locks are available for wooden doors. If you need information about a lock for an aluminum door, we recommend that you read the related article.

lock price for wooden doorWooden door lock price

All this to be sure of who they are the best wooden door locks which ones exist and which ones will allow us to be safer in our home.

How the wooden lock works

wooden door locks
It works like most locks, however, here we will show you how it works, so that it is clear what is the mechanism that allows you to keep your house more protected.

Almost all locks have a cylinder, the key is inserted here.

wooden interior lockWooden inner lock

Inside the cylinder are the pins, screws or pistons that have the locking combination, so when inserting the key that has the combination marked on the teeth, the screws are aligned so that the cylinder can rotate and that the slip turns and the door can be opened.

So by complicated it is the mechanism that keeps our homes safe.

The advantages of using a lock on the wooden door

  • It allows for privacy and security in areas that foreigners would normally enter, such as offices, bathrooms or conference rooms.
  • recessed locks for wooden doors These are cheaper than multipoint locks or others, so installing one of them would save you a good amount of money.
  • They can be installed without having too much knowledge of a locksmith, just by following a few instructions they can be installed.
  • There are a large number of wooden door locks, so you can find a good number of locks in different places, from supermarkets to hardware stores.
  • They make your door look elegant, because they have good designs, from classic to modern, that make your door look better.
  • Some locks do not lock spaces with a key, but only serve to divide them, they are widely used in places such as children’s rooms or bathrooms.
parts of a wooden door lockParts of a wooden door lock

Types of wooden door locks

there is different types of locks for wooden interior doors, here we show you the most used.

Cylindrical locks

Cylindrical locks are without a doubt the most widely used wooden door locks, both inside and out.

They have a cylinder-shaped cylinder and have the advantage that they can only be opened from the outside using the key, of course, only if the safety is activated from the inside.

mortise lock for wooden doorWooden door lock

They are easy to install and their cost is not high, so if you want one of these locks for your wooden door, it is a very good option.

cylindrical locks They vary a lot from the others in terms of quality, so here are two things to keep in mind when you want one of them.

  • Reinforced cylinder, important to prevent it from breaking or breaking.
  • With anti-bomb system, especially if it is for exterior doors.

Digital locks

Digital locks are also used on wooden doors, especially at main entrances and hotels.

One of the main advantages of digital locks is that it is an excellent security system, as they can only be opened with a key, biometric sensor, magnetic cards or on a mobile phone, they even let you know if they tried to open the door .

wooden outer lockWooden outer lock

In the case of hotels with wooden doors and magnetic locks, it has become a very efficient system, because the cards are programmable and in case of loss it is possible to old card lock and assign a new one.

Digital locks are a great option if you want security and the latest technology at hand.

The only downside compared to other locks is their price, but it’s always better to spend a little more for the security of your home and yours.

Dead locks

deadlocks or popularly known as deadlocks They are also very common on wooden doors, especially on the doors of the main entrances of houses and apartments.

These locks refer to their name because they are installed by the door profile and not the front and rear, as is done with most locks.

Only the keyhole and handle can be seen and can only be accessed when repairing the door profile.

wooden door lockWooden door lock

dead locks These are among the most secure that can be found on the market, because the security system is activated only by turning the key.

It is always recommended to have anti-knock locks for increased security and to keep your home safe.


Nuts and bolts They also fall into the locks section and are one of the most widely used wooden door locks.

Although not used as main locks, bolts enhance the security of a door.

security door locksSecurity locks for wooden door

Therefore, it is recommended that you add at least one locks on a front doorAlthough not always used on these types of doors, they are also used on some wooden cabinet doors, cabinet doors or storage doors.

Hook locks

hook locks They are very similar to deadlocks, in fact, they are installed in the same way.

Used in iron bars or main doors, although they can also be used in wooden doors.

surface locks for wooden doorsSurface locks for wooden doors

The peculiarity and advantage of this type of locks is the hook-shaped balloon, because the curved shape makes it harder to force than other ordinary locks.

So if you are thinking of a wooden main door lock, this can be a very good option.

We hope this article has helped you choose a good lock for your wooden door, whether it is an interior door or a lock for your wooden front door.