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Withdraw money from Kwai with RUT account ✔ 【CHILE】

Withdraw money from Kwai with RUT account ✔ 【CHILE】

Kwai is the most used app in recent weeks, as hundreds of people wanted to start testing the app and see how real it is that you can make money just by watching videos and using the app. You have raised enough money in Kwai Here we will teach you to withdraw money from Kwai with a RUT account of the Banco Estado de Chile.

Withdraw Kwai coins with your RUT account

Withdrawing the money that has been collected in Kwai is what many of us want to do, in fact, there are many users who want to be able to reach the minimum number so that they can start making withdrawals and money and see the transfer reflected in their account. banking.

Make money withdrawals in Kwai It’s simple, the best of all is that it really works, so if you’ve doubted it or still don’t think there’s a way to withdraw Kwai coins you’re wrong, because if it can, in fact, the vast majority of users who started using Kwai is due to the fact that they can earn money from the app.

In case of desire withdraw money from Kwai with your RUT account You should know that if it can be done, it is actually simple, because Banco Estado is a very popular and recognized bank in Chile, so there would be no impediment to performing this procedure.

Request withdrawal in Kwai with RUT account

The steps to withdraw Kwai coins with a RUT account are as follows:

  1. Access the Kwai app
  2. Click on the currency (top left)
  3. Click Withdraw
  4. Now click «capitalize»
  5. Choose the amount to capitalize on
  6. Click «Withdraw»
  7. Fill in the bank details:– Name– Name– Document number (RUT)– Bank account type (you need to click on «view account»– Bank code (in the case of Banco Estado corresponds to 012)– Bank account number (this is your RUT, without a hyphen or check digit)
  8. Tap save
  9. Now click on «request withdrawal».

Upload to Kwai with RUT Banco Estado account

The process is quite simple to do, but you have to be very rigorous with the data you add, one of the important things to highlight is that when you enter the document number, you have to do it without dots and only with a hyphen, it is essential so that the added information can be valid and withdrawn.

If you have problems with Bank code to Banco Estado, which in this case corresponds 012, what you can do is write it without 0, that is, just add 12.

If you have problems with the type of account, which in the case Rut account corresponds to a view account, the option you need to solve is to open a savings account in National BankThis can be done directly from the Banco Estado application, being able to access a savings account, which could be added as a payment method for Kwai and make quick cash withdrawals.