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Winter garden, tips to build one at home

Winter garden, tips to build one at home

Having a winter garden is simply sublime for plant lovers. A magical place with transparent ceilings and walls and full of vitality.

As the warm season recedes, outdoor enjoyment begins to become less and less common, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the plant universe until next summer.

Winter gardens have the ability to give you the opportunity to enjoy nature at any time of the year.

They are a kind of glass box that houses all kinds of plants protected from the weather, while serving as a refuge for the inhabitants of the house who want to rest, read, study or simply stay among the greens and skies. say, open.

How to build a winter garden


You don’t need a lot of furniture, just some basic ones, such as a table that can be rustic, and some slightly more delicate chairs to generate contrast.

The idea is to get a rustic look that combines with old details, but always prioritizing comfort.

A comfortable chair is not bad at all, although it must be borne in mind that it is a humid environment, so it must be made of a material resistant to this feature.


It is a refuge from everyday life, a place where you go to relax and unwind from the accumulated tensions. Ideally, the structure is insulated from annoying noise.

Containers for plants

Any pot, vase, glass jar or whatever you want to place is suitable to fill the winter garden with plants.

Ideally, combine the materials and the proportion of the containers to create a visually pleasing atmosphere.


Depending on what you want to achieve, the winter garden may or may not be a separate place from the house, it may also have an enclosure that connects both rooms.

Glass panels need to be thick, as this, in addition to ensuring greater security, helps to insulate the temperature and prevent excessive heat or cold from entering the outside.


Lighting fixtures that are placed in the winter garden should be in accordance with the style of this site, for example square lamps, chandeliers and candles are ideal.

Nowadays, light garlands are also widely used, which give a romantic and at the same time modern air to the garden.

Air conditioning

Because the garden and winter are completely made of glass, it is usually very cold, so it is necessary to warm the environment.

Salamanders or wood fireplaces are ideal, not only for their functionality, but also because they are really beautiful.


In general, winter gardens have solid brick or paving floors, smoothed concrete or ferrite, because they are resistant to moisture and are consistent with the predominant decorative style.

The water

It is necessary to have a source of water in the winter garden, this greatly facilitates watering the plants and cleaning. This is an important detail to consider, as the faucets must match the style of the room.

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