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Windows version on your computer – How to find out? Simple steps

Windows version on your computer - How to find out?  Simple steps

The version of the Windows operating system represents at least 36% of the total market and is the second most popular operating system in the world … The first place was occupied by Android, created by Google, which is present in the vast majority of smartphones used by humans. The reason for this is the incredible rotation of devices based on it and its popularity associated with accessibility and good performance.

Windows It is the first choice for all novice users who want to enter the world of computers. One of the reasons is its availability. From Apple products, MacOS it’s just like that far from being accessible to all and Linux is perceived as a more complex system to understand, Windows succeeds. It should be noted that recently, the Microsoft operating system began to face competition Chrome operating system . At least this applies to the education sector.

In any case, even after many years of the existence of the operating system, users may wonder «what version of Windows do they use?»

Knowing your system version is very important. This is especially true when you need to check the compatibility of installed software for applications and drivers. It should be remembered that the installation of incorrect drivers can lead not only to damage some elements of the system, but also to damage them.

What version of Windows do I use?

The first and at the same time the easiest way is to check the properties of your computer.

To find out the version of the operating system, you need to follow a few simple steps: right-click ICON My PC and go to property . This window will display the version and edition of Windows. You can find a lot of interesting information about your computer here:

  • Processor name.
  • Installed memory (RAM).
  • System bit depth (32 bits or 64 bits).
  • Username and workgroup.

Using the Windows settings menu.

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has added another place to take a closer look at your system.

For more information about your computer and the operating system installed on it, open the file menu Set and go to System> System information . In this window, you will see information about the version of Windows 11, its build number and the date the last update was installed.

Using build number 17134 indicates that you are using the April 2018 update.

Use the System Information application to determine the version of the operating system.

As you may recall, Windows comes with a built-in application called System information , which allows you to examine all the information about your computer in more detail. You can find the application in a Windows search engine by entering its name in the dialog box below.

By running this application, you will read detailed computer information that no other software will provide.

Find out your version of Windows. using CMD.

You can use the command line to determine the operating system version. To do this, use command winner .

A small window will appear in front of you, showing the version of Windows and its build number. It should be noted that the information obtained by this method will not be as complete as in the previous methods.

If you do not want to use the command line, enter the command winner in dialog box start menu and click the found utility.

What is the bit rate of my system? 32 bits or 64 bits?

To do this, we need to go back to the first method described to check the version of Windows. Go to property ICON My PC and the system capacity will be displayed in the window that appears.

So you set the version and bit rate of the system. However, there are other interesting facts that you might be interested to know.

Windows 11 release date

Many users would be interested to know when their operating system was launched. Microsoft has worked hard from its early versions of Windows to modern Windows 11, calling it the latest. The company is now updating the existing operating system and creating new additions.

Download Windows 11

Windows 11 released in late 2021.

When was the last update released?

In August 2020, the latest Windows update was released.

Is Windows 11 free?

Gradually, the answer began to approach the negative. Windows 11 was originally offered as a free system for all users with a licensed version of Windows 10, 7, 8, and 8.1 installed.

Microsoft has literally forced everyone to upgrade to Windows 11. Some users may even remember a separate message in the corner of the screen asking them to update their operating system.

How much does Windows 11 cost?

If you missed the free system upgrade, you can still purchase a licensed version for a computer for $ 119.99 and Windows Pro for $ 199. In addition, Windows 11 often comes with a lot of laptops, which makes it cheaper.

What about updates?

After installing a licensed version of Windows 11 on a computer, subsequent updates will be free to download. So far, Microsoft has released 5 full updates, including April 2018. The next major update will be released later this year, called Red stone .

How do I start Windows 11?

If you already have installed Windows 11 , it is almost certain that the latest update is already present. If the automatic download was not performed, visit the Microsoft website and click the button Update now .

You can install the system using a Windows 7 or 8 boot disk or a product key. If the free upgrade period has not expired yet.

It is known that free updates Older versions of the operating system continue to work if you have a license key.

In any case, if you need to retrieve information from a hard drive on a Windows operating system, tools of Starus recovery they will help you. You can download and try programs to recover deleted data completely free of charge!