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Windows USB / DVD Download Tool – Download in Spanish

windows usb/dvd download tool windows 10

The Windows USB DVD Download Tool was developed by Microsoft and is distributed free of charge to make it easier to install Windows 10, 8, and 7 using a USB memory stick. Here’s one guide for downloading and running this tool.

windows 10 usb / dvd download tool windows 10

Because the new desktops and laptops no longer have a reading unit (DVD); This tool is very useful for installing the Windows operating system.

Download the Windows USB / DVD download tool

Here is the link to download the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool is simple and quick to install.

With this application we will make our desktop or laptop computer capable start from USB memory to be able to format our disc duro and run the Windows installation.

Open the Windows USB / DVD download tool

Before you can open the Windows USB / DVD download tool, you must download Windows 10 ISO or Windows 7. ISO. If you already have, continue with the next steps …

Open the program «Windows USB / DVD download tool and follow the 4 steps, as shown in the following images …

install Windows 7 USBStep 1. Click on «review«To choose the Windows 7 ISO file. Click»following»
Windows 7 installerStep 2. Click on «USB deviceSelect USB memory.
install Windows 7Step 3. Click on «Start copying«To begin the process.
USB 7 Windows installationStep 4. Installation Picture Windows 7 on the USB stick.

Once the fourth step is completed; USB memory is ready to install Windows on any computer. For example, install Windows 7 on USB.

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