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Windows Solution Error: “Windows 7, 8, or 10 does not start, does not start, and remains loaded What to do?

Windows Solution Error: “Windows 7, 8, or 10 does not start, does not start, and remains loaded What to do?

The ability to work from home has become the new way that prevails today, and the support commonly used for this is undoubtedly the computer that runs the Windows operating system. Because it allows us to use excellent tools such as Word or Excel. But we can panic when, for some strange reason, it doesn’t light up. That is why we will tell you below which is the solution to the error «Windows 7, 8 or 10 does not start and does not start».

Windows is the quintessential operating system in which we can use a large number of programs that are available in the Microsoft Office suite. But if the PC when pressing the ON button does not starts or starts and stays loaded. It may or may not mean that there is a serious problem, but we will explain this in this tutorial.

Windows cartoon fix error

This can be one of the most feared failures, along with the blue screen that your PC may present and which can cause major conflicts in the organization of your time and work. Although these types of errors do not occur as often, they can happen and it is necessary then to be prepared to be able to solve them without major failures.

What to do when the computer does not start and does not want to start

Although it seems incredible, by mistake Windows does not start, does not start and remains loaded we can apply various corrective measures. Because this problem usually occurs in the software and to correct it, we will apply the most recommended method. And it involves starting Windows in safe mode.

You will be able to do this regardless of the version of Windows you are using and for this you just need to press the start button on your computer. And immediately you have to press the F8 function key several times until an options menu is displayed. And in our case you have to select the option using the arrow keys «Start in safe mode».

In this way, the PC will start using the minimum resources to be able to work, if by choosing this option the computer starts without major failures. It will be an unequivocal signal that the controllers and system configuration you have no problem. Therefore, what you need to do now is to restart your computer so that it can start running smoothly.

This should resolve the error that our computer presented to us, but if the error persists, you should use the Windows Auto Repair tool.

Windows automatic repairs

To correct the error Windows does not start, does not start and remains loaded, now it will be necessary to resort to automatic repair of Windows. And in order to use this method you will need to search for the installation disc. And the next step will be to access the BIOS or UEFI menu and be there you need to select the BOOT option.

You will be asked to use an installation disc which you need to select and press the Enter key, now a menu will be displayed on the screen. And in our case we will select the option «Solve problems» and we hope that this process will end. And then we need to check if the computer starts smoothly when resolving the error.

Windows Fix for Family will not start the error

Otherwise, we suggest you use «System Restore», which will restore your computer to an earlier time when everything worked normally. But for this you will need to have previously created a restore point. This can be programmed for Windows to create restore points periodic.

If none of these solutions correct the malfunction, then you will need to take your computer to a specialized technical service. And so we come to the end of this article, that maybe it wasn’t as simple as removing a password in Windows if you forget it. But in the same way, you could know what you can do with the error Windows does not start, does not start and remains loaded.