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Windows How to view saved Windows snapshots – Where are they saved? In Windows you can see the screenshots in …

Windows How to view saved Windows snapshots - Where are they saved?  In Windows you can see the screenshots in ...

In the Windows system you can view the screenshots in the images folder, but you should know that there are several ways to take a screenshot. Especially when executed with the key combination «Windows + ImpPnt» will be saved automatically.

You will notice that taking a screenshot is very easy, you just have to press a few keys, yes just dip the «ImpPnt» key the screenshot will be taken, but it will not be saved in the images folder, it will only be available in the clipboard for use.

But don’t worry, you can always use the screenshot and save it from the clipboard as a JPG file or whatever you need, of course you have to use a program, the advantage is that you can assign the desired location and thus find it easier when you need it.

You also have the power method choose where the screenshots will be saved which you do with the key combination, because Windows systems allow us to choose and move the default folder.

What is the best shortcut to take a screenshot in Windows?

The best shortcut to take a screenshot is with Windows + ImpPnt key combination, we know that if you just press «ImpPnt», a capture will be captured, but it will be in the clipboard until it is used.

On the other hand, when pressed together with the «Windows» key, ie «Windows + ImpPnt», the screenshot is saved automatically. in the Screenshots folder located in «images» if it is the first time you take a capture, the folder is created automatically.

This is you should not create any folders manual. So when taking a screenshot, this method is recommended not to run programs to save them.

How do I change the default folder to save screenshots?

In the Windows operating system you can move almost any folder with administrator permissions, so we know it comes by default that captures They are saved in a subfolder in the «Images» folder..

We can combine the file «Screenshots» with anyone we want, and so when you take a screenshot, it is instantly saved in the selected one. For this:

  • Go to Windows Explorer.
  • On the left, click on the «Images» folder.
  • Right-click on the «Screenshots» folder (You must have made one for this folder to exist).
  • If you right-click, you’ll see several options, including «Location.»
  • Then click «Move» and continue to choose the new default screenshot folder.

It is important to know this the selected folder will be the default and no subfolder will be created in it, for example, if you choose a main folder, such as «Downloads», the captures will now be visible in that folder, not another.

capture the same location all windows

How do I recover a deleted screenshot?

Any file you delete from a Windows folder will be left in the trashJust double-click in the trash, locate the capture and continue to restore it, it will return to where you were before deleting it.

It’s important to know that if you move the screenshot to a USB stick or flash drive and delete it, they will be permanently deleted. That is, they will not be available in the recycle bin.

Does the location of the screenshots change depending on the version of Windows you have?

The shortcut for the screen capture is the same in all versions of Windows, as is the location. In other words, no matter what version of Windows you have, all the screenshots you take will be saved in a subfolder called «Screenshots» in the «Images» folder.

If you have Windows in English, you will be able to find the folder named «screenshot», of course the location will be the same, as well as its function.