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Windows How to organize and remove applications from my Windows 10 start menu – Tutorial The Windows 10 interface has improved so much that now …

Windows How to organize and remove applications from my Windows 10 start menu - Tutorial The Windows 10 interface has improved so much that now ...

The Windows 10 interface It has improved so much that it now allows you a higher level of customization than you had with previous versions. However, there are still users who do not know how to organize their icons and manage installed applications well. For this opportunity, you will learn how to manage your applications installed in Windows 10. In the end, you will notice that it is even easier than automatically updating applications in Windows 8.

change the start menu

What are the benefits of having the application menu in Windows 10?

As such, there are not many advantages that we can highlight, as they all, after all, offer you the same thing. Thus, some advantages that we can highlight are the following:

  1. The the start menu will be completely customized and structured as best suits you.
  2. You will have the most used applications at your fingertips
  3. You don’t need to fill your entire desktop with shortcuts, as the application menu can be very helpful.
  4. The application layout can be placed as you wish.
  5. It allows you to have a much more aesthetic and functional menu.
  6. You can create application pools depending on the type of application or functionality it has.
  7. You’ll be able to move the same groups you created to the position you prefer without having to move icon by icon.

How can I remove only unnecessary items from Windows 10?

Doing this is so easy that comparing it to organizing and customizing the sidebar in Windows will seem like something simple. Even so, we understand that there are people who are looking for a tutorial on how to do it and you just have to do the following:

  1. Click the Start button or press the Windows key on your keyboard
  2. When the Start menu opens, you will see all the applications and / or programs you have set.
  3. You will have the option of the most used applications on the left side and other applications on the right side. Both sides you can customize them to your liking.
  4. To be able to remove an app or icon from both sides, simply hover your cursor over it and right-click.
  5. You will be shown a small checkbox:
    1. Unlock home
    2. RESIZE
    3. Disable the dynamic icon
    4. Add to taskbar
  6. Run as administrator
  8. Opens the location of the file
  9. As in this case, we want to delete the application only from the application menu, just choose to unpin or Unpin from the taskbar.
  10. Automatic will delete the application icon and there will be an empty space.remove applications from the Start menu

What is the procedure to be able to organize my applications in the Start menu of Windows 10?

The steps are quite simple to apply, you will only need a mouse and you will know how to find the application on your computer. Must:

  1. Go to the Start menu and select «All applications». You will find this option below.
  2. When all the installed programs are displayed, look for the one you need and want a shortcut in the Start menu.
  3. Left click, long press the icon and drag it to the right of the menu.
  4. Once you put it in the place you like best, keep releasing it.
  5. After you do this, you will notice that a blue square will be created with the program icon in the middle. When this happens, you will already have a shortcut created and it will be much easier to organize everything into categories.

If you are interested, you can also add a shortcut to the task manager. But, of course, this requires a little more knowledge, but it is possible. Although first, you should know what the task manager is and what it is for.

How can I change the image of the applications in my start menu?

As such, you can’t change program images or applications that appear in the Start menu. If not by unconventional methods, download an icon or image for a specific program and change the one that comes by default.

Among other things, viewing the contents of the Start menu is a bit limited. Now what you can do is change the size and layout of the applications that appear in the Start menu. Just do the steps 1 to 5 mentioned and select the appropriate option.

manage the Windows start menu

How can I remove all applications from my computer’s start menu?

The best and easiest option for any user is to remove application with application. Keep in mind that when we say «Delete», we mean disabling that application from the Start menu and not completely uninstalling it from the system.

Although you can also select the program icon with a right click and select «Does not appear on this list”. It will stop automatically and will not do so until you do it manually.