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Windows How to open and burn MDF files on Windows PC – The Complete Tutorial MDF files have been and are still one of the …

Windows How to open and burn MDF files on Windows PC - The Complete Tutorial MDF files have been and are still one of the ...

MDF files were and still are one of the formats more reliable and efficient when storing data on a CD or DVD. Many large companies, and even car companies, make important and fundamental use of MDF files.

This type of file is one of the most common nowadays and has been given various uses that are really useful for both regular users and large companies. Although it works with MDS files, MDFs stores different data and essential for programs.

Currently, programs such as DAEMON Tools, Alcohol 120% and WinMount use MDF files for save image data from optical discs. Next, we will show you more about MDF files and everything you need to mount one.

how to set up your computer to burn MDF files

What are MDF files (.mdf file extension files)?

The MDF file format was created to be used by an optical disc production tool to save data from discs and DVDs, which is called 120% Alcohol. This type of file mainly corresponds to the file Microsoft Relational Database Management System, where Transact-SQL is the language used.

MDF files are basically files that belong to the disk image category and are commonly used to back up data. programs to install from a folder on CD and DVD as a backup, because MDF files store data on the optical CD / DVD.

MDF is known as disk image, they are very similar to ISO files. However, the stored data is in different formats. Importantly, MDF files are not stored disk image track information, this type of information is stored in another completely separate MDS file.

This is why when you decide to burn a CD or DVD you will meet MDF filesSimilarly, if you download a program image from the Internet, it will also be presented in MDF format.

MDF files are widely used by large companies as the main format on which develops the creation database from the base of the optical disc. Car companies also use MDF files as a measurement data format.

How do I mount an MDF file on a Windows computer?

may mount an MDF file on a Windows computer. The latest Windows 10 operating system update has tools that allow you to mount these types of files. However, it will depend a lot on whether or not you have a DVD.

SQL tool for computers

Currently, recording is completely optional, although MDF files are originally created write to disk. There are several tools you can use to mount an MDF file on a simple and efficient Windows computer.

You can use some of these tools find on the internetand while most are completely free, some have a paid version or a free usage limit.

What are the best tools for mounting MDF files?

There are several tools, programs and products that allow you mount MDF files and you can download them directly from the internet in the free or paid version (if you have both versions available). In the following, we will leave you with the most used tools for mounting MDF files.

DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite is one of the most popular and efficient for mounting MDF files, launched on the internet for more than a decade with the free version. However, if used frequently, you will need it pay for a premium version.

To enjoy this tool, all you have to do is download it and install it, in addition to it, it will ask you install virtual drivers to start mounting MDF files. Once installed correctly, follow these steps:

  • Locate the file
  • Click on it with the right mouse button
  • Select the «open with» option
  • Press the DAEMON Tools Lite option to mount the image as a DVD

demon tools lite tool

After the correct execution of these steps, Windows can open or run just like you do with a real DVD.

Virtual CloneDrive

The virtual clone drive or CloneDrive is very similar to DAEMON Tools Lite in terms of execution and efficiency. You could say it is the second favorite among users of these tools.

Just like you can mount MDF files, you can mount other types of files and it is modified as a file virtual disk drive. Other features of this tool is that, like the previous tool, it is automatically added to the dialog box so that it can be executed just by pressing the right mouse button.

Although its version is free, and has all the products, so you can mount MDF files, you can also buy the paid version of it.

iso disk file


WinCDEmu is a file mounting tool as efficient as the previous ones. This tool is from open source and allows users to access an image of a DVD or CD as if it were real. This tool is constantly updated and is available for all versions of Windows.

Procedure for recording the contents of an MDF on my Windows computer

It is important to know that you can perform this procedure if you have Windows 10 operating system, if you do not have it, you can choose to download and install ImgBurn Burning. This tool supports high quality image formats.

ImgBurn Burning works with all Windows operating systems and supports formats such as IMG, MDS, BDI, ISO, GI, DI, DVD, among others. It is also functional on the Linux operating system.

ImgBurn Burning

To run ImgBurn and Burning record the contents of an MDF on your computer just follow the steps below.

  • Run the ImgBurn Burning program
  • Click on the «Mode» option which is the top menu
  • Select «Write»
  • Insert a blank CD, or DVD (depending on the size of the file you are about to burn)
  • Select the image file by clicking on «Search file»
  • In ‘Write speed’ choose the minimum speed of ‘Writing speeds supported ”. It is important to know that the recommended speed at this time is 4x
  • In the big button select «Write»
  • Please wait until writing is complete

how to copy the file to your computer

How can I convert an MDF file to ISO in Windows?

Converting these files is nothing but change the extension of this file and the image. Currently, there is no direct method to perform this task only with the Windows operating system, but it is possible if you use other tools.

For example, Magic ISO, with this you can performs this task in a very simple way by following the steps below.

  • Download and install Magic ISO from its official website
  • Run this program from the beginning of your computer
  • Go to «Tools»
  • Click «examine»
  • Select «Choose source file»
  • Select the path or address where the converted ISO image is stored
  • Press the option «Choose output format»
  • Click the ISO format shown below on the screen
  • Click the «Convert» button to convert the selected MDF file to ISO

Although Magic ISO is just one of several programs who are dedicated to this, on the internet you can find others. For example, Anything at ISO.