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Windows How to install and update Nvidia drivers in their latest version You can find the Nvidia driver directly at …

Windows How to install and update Nvidia drivers in their latest version You can find the Nvidia driver directly at ...

The Nvidia driver can be found directly on its official websiteYou should know that when searching for the right one for your computer, we recommend that you have the data of your motherboard, system model, and operating system, whether 32-bit or 64-bit.

Also on the official Nvidia website you will need to provide this personal data from your computerTo find the right one and avoid image or video conflicts, if you already know what drivers are and what they are for, you’ll know that if an unsupported one is installed, your computer will restart.

Then the latest version is always on the official website And the best thing is that you can download and install the driver without programs, that they almost never install the latest and apart from creating very common errors.

For example, green screen error when playing videos. To have a play videos, games and programs It is recommended that you have the Nvidia driver in its latest version, and here, to find out how to do it, we show you the best way to do it.

What is the purpose of Nvidia drivers?

The main purpose of an Nvidia driver is graphic development and processing, to make a device work properly, because these drivers apply to computers, mobile phones, and others that run on circuit technology.

nvidia graphics card computer update

How good is it to use Nvidia drivers?

If you have a chart Nvidia is 100% recommended that you use a driver from its manufacturer, this company, in addition to graphics cards, also produces chips for motherboards and mobile phones. If your device has one of these, then the safest option is an Nvidia driver.

How do I find out who my Nvidia driver is?

Any user who already has a driver installed when you right-click on the desktop, will notice that in the menu that is displayed there is «Nvidia control panel”. So when you enter it, follow these steps:

  • Click «Help.»
  • Then in «System Information».
  • In this interface, at the top where it says «details» you will be able to know who your controller is.

Another way to know which driver you installed by then pressing the «Windows + R» key combination in the command window type «dxdiag» When you press Enter, you will see a window with all the information about your computer, where it says «Screen», there will be the name and specifications of the installed driver.

laptop made with nvidia chip

How to download free Nvidia commands to your computer

Go to the official Nvidia page and then from your search engine you can type the name of the drivers you need, press Enter and it is already a matter of download, the download method varies slightly depending on your version of Windows.

Windows 10

For Windows 10 when downloading the driver you must select Windows 10 in «Operating System» and, of course, specify whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Windows 8

For Windows 8, when you locate the drivers on the page, you may notice that the data is filled in automatically in the appropriate spaces, all depending on the name of the driver you enter, just choose Windows 8 as an operating system and voila.

Windows 7

If you go to the official page that says «Drivers» at the top, you will notice several questions to specify your control, these are the «product type» «serial type», you just need to fill in this data and specify Windows 7 in the operating system, then click where it says «Search» and you will be able to see the driver ready for download.

How can I update Nvidia drivers to the latest version?

You can update your Nvidia drivers to the latest version by downloading the latest version as well. You can find it on the official Nvidia website, because the same manufacturer is responsible for the release and renewal of its product according to the progress that has appeared in the operating systems.

As Windows launches, the driver company is responsible for creating new ones as well upgrade from previous versions to improve its quality and adapt to customer requirements.