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Windows How to Fix «Not Recognized as an Internal or External Command» – PC Guide Undoubtedly, computers at some point in our lives …

Windows How to Fix "Not Recognized as an Internal or External Command" - PC Guide Undoubtedly, computers at some point in our lives ...

Undoubtedly, computers at some point in our lives they are usually our right hand for obvious reasons. However, beyond helping us with almost any problem we have, they also manage to give us some worries and cause us a little stress.

Most computers tend to fail over time, even some when they are new, have certain defects which give us headaches. However, all errors, or at least most, have solutions.

Below we will explain everything related to one of the most common computer errors, its causes and possible solutions. It is not necessary to be an expert in this matter, having the basic knowledge about computers, you can solve this error.

What does it mean when the message «is not recognized as an internal or external command»?

The order prompt is responsible for run the programs you enter into your computer, as well as the one in charge of executing advanced orders and performing complex tasks. All this is done almost immediately. If you receive the error «not recognized as an internal or external command» when running or opening a file, it means that the command prompt could not recognize the file you want to open or run.

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This usually happens when the file you want to run has an error in its configuration, because the command prompt is made up of a specific and very delicate language that you need to know how to interpret. Therefore, even the smallest detail can affects and interrupts its execution and throwing the error «is not recognized as an internal or external command».

In other words, if you see this error on your computer, it may mean that the file you want to open or run is it was introduced without the full path and its executable without extension. Similarly, it may mean that the Windows operating system has another version that is not compatible or completely outdated.

What causes the error «which is not recognized as an internal or external command»?

When this error appears on the screen it means a program or file will not be able to open or run, and this is due to certain defects that the same file or program has in its configuration. In the same way, it can be the responsibility of the user if he does not enter the program or file in a correct way with the extensions and his full path.

In addition to the above, you should keep in mind that there is other different causes why this error usually occurs on your computer. Some of them we will describe below

The script is not installed

This refers to Incorrect installation or a corrupt installer when you install a file or program that you want to open or run. Because if it is installed incorrectly, the command prompt will not be able to run it. In the same way, the program or file may be installed correctly, but the command interface cannot find it in the directory in which it searches.

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File names are not specified correctly

It is one of the most common causes for the «unrecognized as an internal or external command» error. And this happens when the user wrong or misspelled program command or file you want to run.

It is also possible that the user did not carefully and completely specify the path that the command prompt should look for in that program or file. It is important that the user reviews each one command characters to avoid this error as much as possible.

Does not match Windows addresses

Addresses, also known as «routes», are responsible. take the command prompt to register or program installed so that it can be executed in this way. For this reason, if the path does not match the Windows addresses, it will be impossible to run the program or file.

Lots of viruses Windows environment variables often changeThis is why sometimes the addresses of the files or programs do not match them and it is impossible for the command prompt to recognize the commands and execute them.

System32 executables do not come in 64-bit Windows

It is important to note that this cause of error «is not recognized as an internal or external command» only applies when you are a 64-bit Windows user. Because they have «C: Windows SysWOW64» as their directory. While users of 32-bit programs have the directory «C: Windows System32».

While most executables are hosted in the «System32» directory, in the «SysWOW64» directory there are really few. It is important to note that the addresses of Windows environment variables have the C: Windows System32 folder. This means that automatically if a program is installed in a 64-bit environment, it will naturally look for the C: Windows System32 directory and throw this error when it cannot find it.

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How can I fix the «unrecognized as an internal or external command» error?

There are a number of steps you need to follow to check that everything is in order and also to achieve corrects the mistake from «unrecognized as an internal or external command». It is important to remember that you must have a minimum basic knowledge of the field of calculations to avoid generating major problems in trying to solve one. Next we will show you what to do.

Check if the program is installed

You need to check if the file or program you want to open or run is found installed correctly and in the right place. You can do this in two different ways that we will explain below.

Check the installation in the «Applications and features» list

  • Open Windows settings
  • Select the «Applications» option
  • Make sure the program you want to run is in the list shown below
  • select «Applications and features»

If the program does not appear there, try the way we will explain below.

  • Open the file explorer
  • Find the «C: WindowsSystem32» folder
  • Because all system programs are located here, if the one you want to run is not available, you may not be able to run it for improper installation

Move the file to the System32 folder

First, you need to keep in mind that in order to perform this step, you need to sign in to an account administrative, otherwise it will be impossible. As I said earlier, the command prompt always search the System32 folder To run an installed program, if the program is not there, you may be able to move it to this folder by following these steps.

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  • Access the file the source of the program you want to run
  • Select all the files in that folder
  • Paste all the selected files in the C: Windows System32 folder
  • Enter the file name executable so that your command runs without errors

Enter the full path of the file

One thing to keep in mind when installing a program is that the command prompt does not know where the program is, so you must write the route carefully and correctly specifies its location.

What’s more, when the program is located outside the C: Windows System32 folder, which is where the command prompt is displayed mainly looking. Remember that if there is a space in the name, the command prompt will read it as at the end of the command. So you need to make sure that the path is enclosed in quotation marks, if applicable there is a space in the location.

Change the environment variables

Windows environment variables is the way to guide the command prompt when running programs quickly. Therefore, if some of the environment variables are changed, the program will not be able to run because the command interface will not be able to locate the program concerned.

If you modify or edit Windows environment variables, make sure put the appropriate program path there you want to run. Similarly, if you do this, you can only run the program by entering its name.

Move the directory to SysWOW64

As we already know, there are programs that can only run in 32 bits, and since in this case the directory is C: Windows SysWOW64, you must specify at the command prompt to find the program running in C: Windows SysWOW64 and not in the location where you normally look for them, which is the system 32 .