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Windows How to Fix an Update for a Defective Driver – Step by Step Have you ever wondered how …

Windows How to Fix an Update for a Defective Driver - Step by Step Have you ever wondered how ...

Have you ever wondered how external devices work on your computer? If you don’t know, we’ll already tell you that it’s because of the hardware drivers, because they work as a kind of means of recognizing computer of all those external elements, which somehow affects the time of use. It should be noted that there are two ways to have them, either by downloads or included in the PC driver.

This type of driver must be installed before use in order to make certain changes or use artifacts such as the printer. For this, the computer should be able to read the information through the USB port (of course, this will depend on the design of the equipment). So is your WiFi, if something goes wrong and you’ve already looked at all the alternatives, there may be a driver error, we present in this article how to correct it.

How to detect that a driver is damaged?

There are several signs that something is wrong with your controller. change depending on the degree of damage In the same system, the system you use indiscriminately will launch alerts, among the most common forms are the blue screen with white letters, which means that some programs generate errors.

Another way is to use any of the existing programs, even the ones you can download detect damage to a controller.

correcting defective computer controls

We can see other alerts using Bluetooth, which would prevent some connectivity and, if necessary, you need to install it again step by step. Also in the performance and use of various storage disks.

The damage can become reversibleIn most cases, it usually happens that a problem is uninstalled or even because it is not updated, unless it has other damages, such as viruses, which not only affect your software and generate important changes. In addition, in the configurations of the programs that are responsible for synchronizing or controlling the hardware, making them faulty, of course, this will also depend on the type of virus in question.

How to revert to the old version of a driver?

If something goes wrong with your current driver and you think it would be appropriate use the previous version againLet us tell you that it is possible that if you have downloaded Windows 10 or do not have it yet, by following these steps in the operating system, in a short time you will be able to have your old version of the driver:

  • The first, press the Start button in Windows, meets its characteristic red, green, blue and yellow flag.
  • Find the device management section.
  • Once the window is displayed, you need to locate the specific device driver to change it.
  • On horizontal menu, find the action section and look for its properties.
  • A tab will open for you in the driver or controller tab.
  • In options, the third option should say a similar option to revert to the previous version.
  • On new window, you need to click accept and you’re done.

detect faulty controller problems

Perform a clean installation with the device manager

This refers to installing virgin programs on your computer, ie from which there is no database. It works great on those computers that slowly slow down, preventing some components of the system from working properly. The implementation steps are not very complicated either:

  1. Access the settings.
  2. In the security and updates section, go to the recovery option.
  3. There you will see a button to recover your computer, click on it.
  4. Click start.

How do I do a step-by-step Windows recovery?

If your computer happens to be slow, your applications are not working As it should probably be due to system errors, Windows, which you can find in the updated version on its official website, offers you several ways to solve this problem by optimizing and repairing your computer.

Guide to Repairing a Driver on a Laptop

This is recommended when those programs that are important for RAM cannot be run. In any Windows you will find the following:

From a restoration point

If you use this option, your system will be taken to the previous pointThey are generated because each time a new version or driver is installed, the system generates a copy and keeps it so that, in these cases, it works as a basis. To do this you must:

  • Access the control panel.
  • In the recovery section.
  • Restore the system by selecting the appropriate one restore point for recovery.

You have to wait a careful time to complete it, this form protects your images and some programs while solving your problem.


Initial or total repair is generally the second option used after the previous one, because it aims to increase the time. duration of the repair process, compared to the previous name, if you delete the data and leave only the default ones of the system, so you have to take them into account.