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Windows How to enter or access the BIOS of my computer Windows – Tutorial Nowadays it is very common to hear the word BIOS. Already…

Windows How to enter or access the BIOS of my computer Windows - Tutorial Nowadays it is very common to hear the word BIOS.  Already…

It is currently very common hear the word BIOS. Because when a computer is damaged or we perform any procedure, we usually hear this word by technicians. But many users who use their computers have no idea what it means.

Also, we don’t know who it is the correct way to access it to do what we need. For this reason, we will teach you everything about the BIOS and how you can access it from your Windows computer.

What is the BIOS of Windows devices?

It means «Central input and output system» becoming the first operating system that can be run on our device. It is responsible for starting the hardware. In other words, it’s a PC chip inside has software routines which activates the operation of the hardware. By doing so, perform the tasks corresponding to the moment we start the equipment.

Why is it important to know the BIOS of our devices?

As mentioned, the BIOS of our computer is responsible for the operation of the hardware. This means that if something fails to boot our device, the BIOS would be something to analyze. For this reason, it is considered one of the most important and useful parts of computers, not so much for its usefulness for the user, but for the components.

This tool can be very useful at the moment works for example with multiple disk drives. Allowing us to move them from the boot location or order, in addition, we can say that the BIOS works with any current operating system. However, in our case for Windows we will not have to do any special configuration. This does not always apply, so it is a good idea to know the differences between each system when starting our equipment.

What are the functions that can be given to the BIOS of Windows computers?

Because the BIOS is responsible for recognizing our hardware, it will be useful when starting our Windows, because from it we can control the boot disk. We will do this simply using the boot or disk manager.

Although not very common, a computer’s BIOS may have an active option to start Windows. This is especially noticeable on older computers, so it shouldn’t be a problem nowadays. In the same way, it can be useful if we present a the problem of overheating.

enter the bios of my computer

In the modern BIOS there is a monitor menu, which informs us about the processor temperature and memories. These errors are easy to recognize because the computer shuts down in full use and without warning. To fix this, we will need to do maintenance on our computer and to avoid data loss, it is best to enter Windows in safe mode.

How can I get information about my computer’s BIOS?

Because the BIOS is one of the most important components of our computer, because it performs a large number of functions. You need to know all the relevant information about it and be able to check the current version likewise, to do this, you can use one of these options:

Through orders

Commands are useful tools to be able to perform a procedure in a simple way and allow us to analyze different types of information. In this case we will go to computer menu and in the search engine we will write «cmd» and as the first option you will see «Command Prompt».

Click on it to access, then you will see that a black box opens where you will type the following command: wmic BIOS getname, version, serial number. Later, press Enter and you will see how all the information about the BIOS appears.

In graphic mode

On the other hand, to do this, we need to press the Windows + R keys to open the running box. Once in this we will write: msinfo32 and then we will click on «OK». This will open a new tab with all the information you need.

When the system starts

Now, to use this option, we need to restart the system.

old computer bios

Then what we need to do is focus on the home screen where the BIOS access options are loaded. In this section you will have to press the «Pause» key‘to be able to review and know the specific data.

In this you will see the button you need to press to enter the BIOS, in some cases it may be «F2». Also, you will find the exact information BIOS, model, manufacturer and its specific version.

Using the update tool

To accomplish this process, it is very important to know what medre card manufacturer and go to the same website. Some of them can be Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI, they offer an application that we need to download, when we have the application we can enter the BIOS option where we can review all the information. Remember that you need to use the internet to install the application, so you need to resolve any connection issues you may have.

Through Speccy

There is a tool that allows us to analyze the components of the operating system what is «Speccy» which you need to download. To do this, enter the browser and type in the search engine Speccy, you will download it from the CCleaner page, this is very safe because it allows us to see the information in a summary.

bios computer

Once downloaded and installed later, we will access it as wellwe will click where it says «RunSpeccy». Then we will see a section called «Motherboard» where we can see all the details of the BIOS.

What can I do if my Windows computer does not allow me to enter the BIOS?

First turn off the computer and when you restart it, press the «Pause» button right in the boot section. This will allow you to read the BIOS information and how to access it, to restart the boot, press any other key on the keyboard.

If you could not read which was the correct key to access the BIOS. Go to the browser and type «Insert the BIOS and the model of the computer with the motherboard», where you can find textbooks that I’m telling you the information.

Similarly, if you happen to press the correct key, but still can’t enter the BIOS, it’s possible because of the keyboard. That is, it no longer works when the computer starts, so look for a keyboard with a mini-DIN connector, which you have connected to the computer and try again.