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Windows Defender How do I clear my Windows Defender history? | Delete records The Windows operating system brings with it Microsoft …

Windows Defender How do I clear my Windows Defender history?  |  Delete records The Windows operating system brings with it Microsoft ...

The Windows operating system comes with Microsoft Windows Defender, a system that keeps track of each of the issues or occurrences that can cause an application or any file that you want to open or run. Now, this protection system has with it a protection history, therefore, through this tutorial we will guide you to how to delete the Windows Defender history or registry.

In the protection history, you can see each of the items that have been blocked or each of the threats that have been detected.

How do I remove quarantined threats from my computer?

Windows Defender Quarantine is known because it contains files that are considered threatening or dangerous to your computer’s operating system, which are also known as computer viruses, of which there are several types. Similarly, not all files that are recognized here or contain threats, therefore, can be recovered.

The steps to remove quarantined threats from my computer are as follows:

  1. Windows Defender should open
  2. Click on «Antivirus protection»
  3. Click on «Exam History»
  4. Enter the «Quaranting threats» option and click «Delete», these threat files will automatically start disappearing from your system.

How do I delete Windows Defender filters?

This Windows Defender system gives people the ability to clear filters, which is the default time for which they are 30 days to delete the threat history log. Only the following steps need to be completed:

  1. First, «PowerShell» should be opened next to the administrator rights
  2. Using the «Set-MpPreference -ScanPurgeItemsAfterDelay 3» command, you need to set the days you want to leave for threats to continue.
  3. From this, the items that are in these expiration days will be removed once they are completed. Remove the yellow icon from the Windows Defender mailbox

Some people prefer to uninstall or disable Windows Defender security to avoid all notifications, but this is a very serious error because the computer is left without any protection.

What are the steps for deleting Windows Defender logs?

windowsh defender powershell

To delete the record or also known as Windows Defender History, simply follow the steps below:

  1. First, you’ll need to use the keyboard shortcut by pressing + X.
  2. Select from the «Power Shell» menu
  3. Once the Power Shell interface appears, enter the «Set-MpPreference –ScanPurgeItemsAfterDelay 1» command and run it using the Enter button.
  4. The number found at the end of the command (1) corresponds to the days required for the history and items in the folder to be removed from Windows Defender.
  5. If you do not want these numbers to be the sequence to be deleted, you can change it manually to delete the record.

Is there anything I need to manually delete in Windows Defender?

Windows Defender gives users who use it the ability to delete manually recording the history of the threats they accumulate, it is good to learn, because we can learn and identify which are the viruses or malware that steal information and how to prevent them. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. The file explorer should open
  2. Click C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Defender Scans History
  3. You’ll find and click the folder named «Service» and keep clicking «Delete.»
  4. Once this step is done, each of the files that are part of the history automatically will begin to be removed, causing yellow icons notifying you of threats that may damage your system to disappear in the Windows server inbox.