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Windows 10 What is the Windows 10 pro Build test mode? How to remove or deactivate it

Windows 10 What is the Windows 10 pro Build test mode?  How to remove or deactivate it

As users of mobile devices, personal computers or laptops, we have found that their operating systems provide us hidden or unknown functions. And in this sense we can call the hibernation mode, which came with this new version and was very popular.

But there are others, as we have already mentioned, that are not known, much less how they work. And then we’ll explain what Windows 10 pro Build the test mode and how to enable and disable it.

Windows 10 is a new version of Windows that never ceases to amaze us with the various functions it has implemented. And that’s probably for users to forget the catastrophic failure they got with the previous version. And now we can see, for example, a function that allows us to exit or deactivate Energy saving mode.

But now Windows 10 has implemented new features that prevent already common cyber attacks, such as TCP attacks. And it creates new security protocols that add to the existing ones. So let’s see then what that means Windows 10 pro Build test mode and how we can enable and disable this feature.

What is Windows 10 test mode, but Build

To maintain maximum system integrity and security, Windows 10 has implemented new security systems. Which may prevent Kendal from accessing the system to a certain type of software that it does not have a digital signature. Therefore, Windows 10 trial mode allows you to install unsigned drivers.

And this is the purpose of putting Windows 10 in test mode, which disables the protection screens that, in normal situations, would prevent the installation of a driver. Without it having a Microsoft signature or are modified. But it is important that this mode is used if we really need it and we have no problems with other programs that can be installed.

Because, as we mentioned, you can cause problems in the operation of our operating system. In case of enable Windows 10 test mode, below we will indicate what are the steps to follow.

How to enable Windows 10 pro Build test mode

As we will see below, activate test mode It is very simple to do, although there are some programs that run in Windows 10. They automatically activate this mode because it is necessary to be able to install their drivers in the system. But, in case of automatic activation of this activation, we must proceed as follows.

First we need to locate the mouse cursor on the Windows icon in the lower left corner. This action will generate the start menu and we will go to the search engine and type CMD. The «Order Prompt» option will now be displayed and we will select «Run as administrator».

disable pro build windows 10

A window with a black background will appear on the screen and we will write the following command in it Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON. This way, the test mode will be activated and you will know that you are in them because a watermark will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen with the following message «Windows 10 Pro Build Test Mode».

Once you stop using this mode, you need to disable or remove it and for that we need to go back to CMD and in this case we will use two commands which are the following.

Bcdedit.exe – set loading options ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF

And in this way Windows 10 pro Build test module, but you need to know that when you want to activate this mode and it is not activated. It is very likely that you have enabled «Secure Boot», which will not allow you to enable this feature.