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Windows 10 What is a Trojan virus and how does it work? How to avoid, protect and eliminate them?

Windows 10 What is a Trojan virus and how does it work?  How to avoid, protect and eliminate them?

Although there are currently many programs that are very good at protecting computers and other devices, viruses will always be lurking. Although it is true that the antivirus has evolved, as have the viruses as such. In this regard, we can say that what we know The Trojan virus has improved. Although they still have the same purpose.

If you want to learn how to prevent and remove viruses and any other type of malware, this is the article you are looking for. In this case, we will talk about Trojan viruses. So stay tuned, because the information will be very helpful.

What are Trojan viruses and how do they work?

The Trojan virus is one of the many existing malware that aims to infect the largest number of files stored on your computer. The purpose of these viruses is to create a back door so that someone else or a third party can you have remote access to your computer.

These are viruses they are extremely contagious once they are housed in the system of any PC or Mac. Well, by connecting external devices, such as flash memory or mobile phones, they can infect them. Therefore, it is recommended that people learn how to protect their Android phone from a virus and avoid the intervention of a spy.

As for how this virus works, the truth is quite simple. The idea is for the virus to infect an important file and then multiply from there. So he can create different back doors for third party access.

But of course, that’s not all it does, because they are also in quality record each keystroke what the user does on his keyboard, as well as recording those pages he visits frequently.

This function of the virus gives it a certain invisibility that helps the user to detect it very easily. Generally, they are equipped with a rookit, which is like a function that allows the virus to hide each of the processes it performs and thus it does not raise any suspicion.

How can you prevent your computer from catching a virus and how can you remove it?

There are many ways of contagion. Sometimes we don’t usually realize how infected our computer is. There are those who have some knowledge and know how to delete and remove a CMD virus in either Windows 7/8/10. Others opt for conventional ones, which are antivirus and antimalware.

What should you consider when you avoid getting a Trojan?

Say for sure how to avoid getting a trojan it is somewhat complicated. Because not all computers are the same in terms of operability and operation. But, as a general rule, computers can be infected by:

  1. That a program has something vulnerability and this allows the virus to install itself. It may be due to a wrong update or a developing version.
  2. When downloading files from unsafe pages and open those files for execution.
  3. Trojan viruses can be added to your system due to hardware failures or simply because the drivers are not working properly.
  4. For connect to WI FI public networks
  5. By opening links that look suspicious and claim to take you to a page, but don’t.
  6. Poor operating system update.
  7. Ddownloading applications, games and programs from unofficial pages.
  8. Give permissions to weird web pages.

how Trojan viruses work

The most common form of limits contagion by a Trojan is to install a good antivirus that is compatible with Windows 8 or 10. The list of the best antivirus is a bit long, but the options are many. Similarly, you don’t just have to limit yourself to using antivirus to prevent Trojans from taking over your computer.

You need to use all possible tools to avoid infection. Although so far, if you don’t do anything weird on the internet, you don’t need to install antivirus.