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Windows 10 How to remove the Curtain search bar on your PC Windows 10 – Guide To remove the Curtain search bar you need to hide it or …

Windows 10 How to remove the Curtain search bar on your PC Windows 10 - Guide To remove the Curtain search bar you need to hide it or ...

To remove the search bar from Cortana you must hide or disable it Because it cannot be uninstalled from the Windows 10 operating system, doing so will launch a chain of errors when using the Windows interface.

Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual assistant. When a user decides to activate the curtain in Windows 10, they will take care of a large number of tasks, such as finding programs or emails, in addition to accessing their favorite places, and the best thing is that you can do processes with a voice command.

But many people are affected by Cortana by the size it occupies, if you are one of these people, you should know that it is not necessary remove the search bar because you can resize, hide or disable.

It is recommended to use them instruments which Microsoft has integrated. For example, Cortana and its benefits or Microsoft Edge and its advantages, even these components have already been added to many platforms.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having Cortana active on our Windows 10 computer?


  • You can perform many activities without using your hands. That is, with voice commands.
  • Get current news and information, such as flights and travel.
  • Receive notifications from other computers or devices with Cortana.
  • It has a notes area to save your preferences and sites that make your experience easier.
  • Notifications about weather, traffic, openings and restaurants with good food.
  • Observations about meetings, meetings or meetings.
  • You can write texts with your voice and send them by mail.
  • Order the saved song or playlist to play.


  • Everyone nearby listens to what you do.
  • To use all Cortana benefits You need to provide private information.
  • It cannot be removed from the system because it gives errors in other features.
  • The search bar takes up a lot of space.

different advantages of the curtain

How can I reduce the size of the search bar in Windows 10?

You can change and customize the taskbar in Windows 10, and the Cortana search is right on this bar, so you can reduce its size by following these steps:

  1. Right-click on any space on the taskbar.
  2. Then in «Cortana».
  3. Click «Show Cortana Icon» and that’s it.

The search box will turn into an icon. That is, thus reducing the size, the Cortana search bar will disappear and now an icon will be displayed, to perform a search, click on the icon and continue with it.

How can we temporarily hide the Cortana search bar?

Similarly, to reduce its size by switching to an icon, you can do the search bar or box disappears, then:

  1. Right-click the Cortana search box.
  2. Select where it says «Cortana».
  3. Choose the «Hidden» option.

What is the procedure to permanently disable the search bar in Windows 10?

Cortana cannot be uninstalled because it is integrated into the Windows 10 operating system. But it exists 2 methods to deactivate permanently from the search bar. These are:

From the settings

  • Enter your Windows 10 settings.
  • Type in the search bar Cortana.
  • Enter the option «Manage what Cortana can do, see or use”.
  • In the «Permissions and history» section, you need to turn off the options, «Safe search», «Cloud search», Activity and device history.
  • Click the «Talk to Cortana» settings.
  • Disable «Hello Cortana» and «Lock screen».
  • Then click on the configuration «The curtain on my devices«
  • Disable the «Help me stay where I am on other devices» and «Get suggestions from the list» options.

With this Cortana is disabled without using programs without tools, of course, you must have the search box in «Hidden».

set the curtain to the bar or hidden icon

With external tools

You can permanently disable Cortana from the Windows 10 registry editor. it is recommended that you create a restore point before starting the process, because if you make a mistake you will have to start Windows with the restore point to fix it. Then:

  • Open «regedit», you can do it from Cortana search box and grant administrator permissions.
  • Click «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE», several subfolders will open.
  • Choose the «SOFTWARE» folder, then «Policies», and finally the «Microsoft» folder.
  • When you expand the «Microsoft» folder, click «Windows» and finally «WcmSvc.»
  • Right-click on the «WcmSvc» folder and choose «new», then «Password».
  • Place a name in the key or folder that is created «Windows Search»
  • Right-click the «WindowsSearch» folder and choose «New,» then «32-bit DWORD Value.»
  • In the created file you have to name it «AllowCortana».
  • Double-click the «AllowCortana» fileand set the value to «0».
  • Click accept and restart the system.

Can the Curtain Search Bar be reinstalled if we permanently disable it?

The answer is yes, you can follow the same path of the file you created in the future and change «AllowCortana» to «1» This will re-enable Cortana in Windows 10.