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Windows 10 How to easily unlock my Windows 10 computer keyboard or computer in seconds

Windows 10 How to easily unlock my Windows 10 computer keyboard or computer in seconds

When we use either a mobile application, a smartphone, a video game console or our computer, you may have an accident while handling them.

For example, activating the hibernation mode, because, unfortunately, we do not have clear knowledge about it, we may not know how to proceed in an emergency. And one of them, we will explain below where we will tell you how to unlock your Windows 10 computer keyboard in seconds.

Windows 10 is an operating system that has arrived with new features and which stand out those related to the visual appearance. Where we can name for example the new animated or moving wallpapers. But the operating system may have nothing to do with the problem you are facing blocking it.

Although it seems unusual, this is a very common problem that usually happens with the keyboard that has an unlock button included. Yes, as you read it, this button exists and you may have accidentally pressed it and now you don’t know how the hell to make the keyboard work. Well, you’ve come to the right place and we’ll tell you soon because you can easily unlock the keyboard.

Steps to unlock your Windows 10 PC keyboard

Before you perform or realize some of the solutions you need to apply so your keyboard works properly again. You need to make sure or check that the keyboard is connected properly and that this is not the cause of the malfunction. If it is a wireless keyboard, it has batteries.

After performing the relevant checks, we will apply the following fixes to the issue. And the first is to see if the keyboard has a lock key or that you have assigned it key combination to collapse. In these cases, you should simply try the following key combinations.

Press the following keys on the keyboard AltGr + Fn + custom lock buttonIf you do not have the Fn or special keys, then press the Alt + Num Lock keys. If you have a laptop, you have to right-click and hold for 5 seconds. You can also use the Fn key + the custom lock button, you will recognize it by the lock icon.

Other options for unlocking the keyboard

Laptop keyboards usually have a key that, when pressed for a few seconds, can cause it to lock, this key is Shift or Shift, right. So we need to be aware that we are not doing this because it would cause the block. For the keyboard to work again, it must let’s press this key again for a few seconds.

In some cases, when the keypad is locked, it is possible to unlock it through the system settings. In this case we need to enter the «Control Panel» and for this you need to click on the Windows icon and there you will find this option. When you access its window, you will see a wide variety of configurable functions, but in our case we will click on «Accessibility Center».

unlock pc keyboard

We will be taken to a new window and in it we will be located in the menu on the right and we will look for the option «Make the keyboard easier to use.» We will now find new options that have a check box on the left. They must be unchecked, otherwise you must uncheck them and then press the «OK» key.

If after applying all these possible solutions for the keyboard to work and nothing happens, you can try the following. Disconnect the keyboard cable and reconnect it and restart the computer, as the system may have problems recognizing the hardware.

So we end this interesting article that showed you in a very simple way how to change the color of the taskbar. The different ways you have to dIt’s to lock your Windows 10 PC keyboard in seconds.