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Windows 10 How to delete $ WINDOWS folders. ~ BT and $ WINDOWS. ~ WS on PC – Is It Safe? In case you didn’t know yet, Windows BT can handle …

Windows 10 How to delete $ WINDOWS folders.  ~ BT and $ WINDOWS.  ~ WS on PC - Is It Safe?  In case you didn't know yet, Windows BT can handle ...

In case you still don’t know, Windows BT can take up a lot of storage space on your computer until it consumes a large part of your hard drive and leaves no room for other things. But it will be safe and recommended delete $ Windows folder? ~ BT?

In today’s article we will explain everything about this folder and what is the procedure you need to implement to permanently delete files of this type. We also recommend that you look for Trojan viruses on your mobile and computer before you begin.

What the $ WINDOWS folders contain. ~ BT and $ WINDOWS. ~ WS?

Both the $ WINDOWS folder. ~ BT, as well as the $ Windows folder. ~ WS are Windows folders that are created automatically with the folder itself The Windows 10 system will make a big update.

In general, Windows 10 receives an update at least twice a year that the system must download and install add new features and make changes to Windows so that the benefits and performance of the system improve, as certain bugs have been fixed.

Each of these folders has a function that differentiates it from another, but regardless of this difference, they both have a common goal, which is to prevent any type of error from occurring while the system is being updated.

Now, on the one hand, we have $ WINDOWS. ~ BT folder which specializes in saving all the current version data you have on your computer. That is, this folder saves each of the important data of the current version of Windows 10 even before updating.

This is because there may be some sort of failure to install the new version and to fix it, this folder allows you to revert to the previous version so that the failure is resolved and you can use the system safely.

In her counterpart, she find the $ Windows folder. ~ WS, which does the opposite of the previous folder, because it is responsible for saving all the important information in the next update to be installed in Windows 10.

Once the update process has been completed, you have made sure that the operating system works without any errors and that everything is stable, these folders become practically useless. This is a fact that many users do not know, because after an update, the existence of this folder is usually ignored.

What this means? Storage resources are allocated to folders and / or files that they do not perform any function in the system. This is a situation that is very similar to when you uninstall or delete an application from your mobile phone, but do not delete the residual files from it.

Where the $ WINDOWS folders come from. ~ BT and $ WINDOWS. ~ WS of my computer?

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, these folders are automatically generated once Windows 10 is ready to do so. you receive a system update. There are files needed before and after downloading and installing the new update.

It is important that you do not delete them before updating your operating system. The best thing to do is to do the whole upgrade procedure first, and once you’re done, delete the folders if desired. What you can do is remove duplicate files in Windows to make room for the next update.

Is it advisable to delete these folders from a Windows computer?

That it is safe to delete these folders is. But you have to take into account some information and that is, you have to do it the right way to avoid:

  1. You must delete important files or folders
  2. The files are downloaded again and the folder reappears

As an additional tip, don’t make the typical mistake of deleting important files you don’t know about. This can create instability in the system and cause the system to fail completely.

So, below we will explain what is the procedure to permanently delete these folders and not reappear taking up computer storage space. Before you begin, keep in mind that if you delete this folder once and it still appears, you have an effective solution. You just have to be sure of what you are going to do.

What is the procedure for permanently deleting $ WINDOWS folders. ~ BT and $ WINDOWS. ~ WS?

  1. Run the scan file and then go to my computer
  2. From there, you will right-click on the local C disk or where the operating system is installed.
  3. You will select Properties
  4. In the general tab, you will select where Free Up Disk Space is written
  5. After a new window opens, you will click Clean System Files
  6. You will now select the file previous Windows installations and the Temporary Files option.
  7. Just keep saying yes to the action you want to perform and that’s it. Wait for the removal process to complete.

How else can I free up space on my Windows computer?

You can use third-party applications such as CCleanner to delete residual files and these types of files that take up only storage space on your computer. Keep in mind that CCleanner is not mandatory, but the most recommended. In any case, you can use the one you like the most and the one that seems the easiest to use.