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Windows 10 How to create sticky notes on my computer desktop – Guide to Windows 10 There are currently a variety of programs that allow us to take …

Windows 10 How to create sticky notes on my computer desktop - Guide to Windows 10 There are currently a variety of programs that allow us to take ...

There are currently a variety of programs that allow us to take notes or copy texts that we can edit later, such as Word. But when we need to write down any idea that comes to mind and we want to memorize it, the best choice will use sticky notes.

Fortunately, we can have the facility on our computer to attach notes. What can we write and place them on the desktop from our computer, thus managing to remember any type of information. For this reason, we will teach you how to do it in a simple way.

Is it a better notebook or sticky Windows notes?

There is a native application on our computer that is very useful when writing. That is, the Windows notebook and quick notes, they essentially have them different differences between them, allowing users to choose the one they like best.

First of all, notepad is a fast application known to many since it has a lot of antiquity. This is very simple and we cannot configure the letters we write, but it is very convenient to add any idea that comes to us suddenly.

Meanwhile, sticky notes are a more striking option, because they have a more colorful format, but in the same way it is very simple, where we can focus only on creating a writing option. What improves the sticky notes is that we can add them to the desktop.

What are the benefits of using sticky notes on your computer?

This is a great option, because we can use it for different purposes, which are: Write motivational notes to help us every day when you use our computer. Also, make a small list of the activities we have to do every day, managing to develop any task without forgetting it.

In addition, it is possible to create a shopping list if we want to buy soon, to write a program in which it is possible to organize ourselves. We can finally compose any thoughts which we have at an unexpected moment, but which we want to remember in the long run. Remember that to use this option it is necessary to use our keyboard, but if you have problems with this, try to unlock it quickly before starting the notes.

How do you set notes only on the computer desktop?

The first thing we need to do is open the start menu of our computer and in the search engine we will type ‘Sticky notes’ to show us the application.

create quick notes

It is common for our computer to indicate the notebook, but in the «Applications» section we can find the application we are looking for. Once found, we will click on it to access, when you do this, you will see that a «Post-it» will appear

Now you can start writing any type of note you want, if you want to have more Post-it you have to press the + sign in one corner. When you press it, you will see this another note is created automatically, you can also press «Ctrl + N» to create notes without having to press the sign.

Once we write our notes and have them on our desktop, we can move them to your preferred location as well. increase or decrease its size. But we must mention that, in order to see the notes on the desktop, we must have the application open at all times, because when we close it we will no longer be able to see the notes we make on our main screen. The best thing about this tool is that it allows us to customize the desktop to our liking.

How do I keep my backups?

You should know that when you create a note, it will be saved on your computer, and when you open the app again, you are will appear again. But if you want to back up your notes, you need to do the following: Type the following line in a «% AppData% Microsoft Sticky Notes» search box, and then press the Enter button.

generic quick notes

Then copy «StickyNotes.snt» instead where you want to save itEither on an external hard drive or on an external drive.

Where do I download the official Post-it version if I don’t have it on Windows?

If for some reason our computer does not have this application or you cannot find it, it is possible download it safely. Enter the «Microsoft Store» found on our Windows device, when you log in, type the Sticky Notes search engine.

When I load you will select the first option and you just press the button that says «Get» or «Install» to do this, you will already have the app for free. Also, to avoid any danger, it is best to have an antivirus on our computer that is compatible with Windows.

What alternatives are there to Windows Notes?

On the one hand, if you need to take notes in a more professional way and use other types of unique applications. Otherwise, I’ll come and get you different options, you should always keep the following platforms in mind:

My to-do list

This is a perfect notes application to create all kinds of lists or reminders, it is useful because it has a reminder system and more organized. You can also get it for free from the Microsoft store.


It is also an application available on the Microsoft page that it’s a notebook. Where we can customize our notes and synchronize them with other devices, making it a more comfortable option for different uses.


This platform is very similar to sticky notes, as it gives us a «Post-it» format, but has the option to add files and videos. Also has a search engine and we can create notes from previously created ones.