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Windows 10 How should you record a sound game in Windows 10? – Quality microphone In the operating system Windows 10 brings with it a bar …

Windows 10 How should you record a sound game in Windows 10?  - Quality microphone In the operating system Windows 10 brings with it a bar ...

In the operating system Windows 10 brings with it a the recording bar, called the Xbox Game Bar, this supplement comes for free and serves to facilitate the process of taking a screenshot or recording video games.

You can enable this bar in Windows 10 options. You also need to access the «captures» option in the settings and locate the «Audio recording» option, where you need to select the «Record sound while recording a game”.

This allows you to record sound with the Windows 10 sound recorder, you can also configure so that only the sound is recorded and not a video click. Furthermore if you have installed a quality microphone, you must activate it from the same configuration section.

Of course, there are a variety of programs to record the screen in Windows 10, and some have video editing toolsIn other words, you can change the screen recording with some effects, such as cuts, transitions, and more.

registration game in windows 10

What are the most common platforms for registering a game?

There are several programs or platforms that These are used to record our Windows screenWhile we are in a video game, of course, each of them also has audio inputs, to use a quality or simple microphone. Some of them are:

Filmora video editor

The amazing thing about this program is that it has a free license for personal use, with «Filmora Video Editor» you can record your screen and make endless changes, from adding effects, texts, GIFs, audio among others.

Also, after editing your video with a sound, the platform gives you the option to adjust the output formatsWhether viewed on mobile phones, computers, social networks and TVs, users recommend this program to be one of the most complete and free.

DVR for Windows 10 games

E o Windows 10 supplement with which you can record a video game, or even whatever you need, for this you just need to activate it from the settings and the floating bar with the options will be displayed.

Windows 10 toolbar to register

There are also shortcuts to display the bar, of course it is only available for Windows 10, press the «Windows + G» key combination and note that the Game DVR has icons for capturing or recording.

Wondershare DemoCreator

E o professional video design programOf course, it has the option to record the screen and add quality sound, ideal for recording those games in the long run, because its interface is very simple to use.

Open the Bradcaster software

It is a program that is responsible for capturing the screen of your computer and you can also upload it on the internet on a streaming platform. This is Open Bradcaster is software for recording and streaming videos online.

What are the shortcut keys to record the sound screen?

As mentioned in the Windows 10 operating system, you can record the screen with the Xbox Game Bar tool or also known as DVR for Windows 10 games. You need to enable it from the configuration, and once you’re done, you can easily access it with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Then press «Windows + G» key combination and immediately the floating bar will be displayed with options to take screenshots or record videos.

Can you record without audio and video programs in Windows 10?

The answer is yes, you can even record your computer screen and face at the same time, as in Windows 10 The Xbox Game Bar option has been added or also known as Windows 10 Game DVR, which is a plug-in of the same system.

In other words, Windows 10 already has its own tool and you do not need to download any programs from third parties.

register Windows 10 without programs

How do I record internal audio from my computer?

You can record your computer’s internal audio from the same Windows 10 game DVR by pressing the «Windows + G» key combination and you’ll have the option to choose whether or not to use audio from the microphone.

How do I set up my microphone with game recording?

Every program you use for screen recording has a different function to configure the microphone. But if what you want to know is how to set up the microphone in Windows 10 then:

  1. First check that the microphone is connected and that the PC recognizes it.
  2. Then select «Start» and access the settings.
  3. Then choose the «Systems» option and go to «Sound».
  4. In the sound section you have to click on «Input».
  5. Choose the input device in this case the microphone.
  6. Finally, do an audio test with it and you’re done.