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Why mobile apps stop and how to fix them

Por qué se detienen las aplicaciones en el celular y cómo solucionarlo

Unfortunately, this error is quite common on Android. While in some cases you can fix it yourself, other times it may not be in your hands.

Unfortunately the application stopped

claim Unfortunately the application stopped It may be due to a temporary issue with the application (which is the most common). For example, corrupt application data.

The other probability is that it is an unexpected behavior of the Android system, which should be solved with a restart or at most with a factory reset. Unless it is a clone cell. In this type of device it sometimes happens that ALL applications stop and not even a reset can fix the malfunction.


Try the alternatives below one by one.

1. Restart the device

Turn the mobile phone off and on again.

2. Delete the application data

Try this solution in the instructions Facebook has stopped on the Samsung Galaxy

First try clearing the application cache:

Settings> Applications> Application name> Clear cache.

If the above doesn’t work, try deleting the app data:

Settings> Applications> Application name> Delete data.

This second step and reset the application and will leave it as installed.

3. Reinstall the application

Settings> Applications> Application name> Uninstall.

Then go to the Google Play Store, search for the app, and install it again.

4. Update, Update

The current version of the application may be the problem. You must try a current or older version.

If it’s an app you downloaded from the Play Store, all you have to do is look for it there and see if the «Update» button is available.

On the other hand, in order to revert to an earlier version of the app, you must first know what version you currently have. This is done by going to Settings> Applications> Application name. You will see the version number at the top or bottom of the screen.

Now that you know what version number you have, uninstall it first (you won’t be able to install an older version over the current one). Then search the APK file of an older version on Google. Preferably find the APK on the site or, where APK files are safe. Finally, tap the APK file to install it.

Pre-installed APPLICATIONS

If you receive Instagram has stopped, maybe this is the remedy.

Preinstalled applications cannot be uninstalled. You can easily update them as shown above. But to downgrade you will have to do the following:

Settings> Applications> Application name> Uninstall updates.

This is very useful for resolving any issues with factory applications, such as Google Play services.

Android system

If there is an incompatibility between the app version and the Android version of the phone, the other option is to update the system (Settings> Software Update).

Withdrawing the Android system is already more complicated.

5. Safe mode

If for some reason you can’t delete your data, reinstall or uninstall an application update, the possible solution is to go into safe mode and do it from there. This is useful if, for example, you receive the message Settings have been turned off and it is impossible to do the above.

6. Install in internal memory

Some applications do not work properly on the SD card or external memory. If you installed it there or moved it (especially by force), then the application may stop for this reason (as well as run slower). To restore the application to the internal memory, you will practically need to reverse the procedure you did to move or install it on SD.

7. Clear the cache from recovery

You need to turn on the device in recovery mode. This will delete the temporary data from the device’s cache partition (it will not delete the user data, so don’t worry).

Getting into that power mode is easy. With the device turned off, press the power button simultaneously, turn up the volume, and turn on. Release the buttons when the brand logo appears. On the screen that will appear, run the option Clear the cache partition.

8. Extraordinary failures

google play server error

It is very unlikely that the application error will be caused by a failure of the service, servers or company behind the application, especially if it is a large company, such as Google or Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp). However, this has already happened in the past with Google and these companies, and if so, you’ll find evidence on Twitter by searching for the name of the app or company.

MSA stopped due to webview

MSA continues to crash, a problem that prevents other applications from being used, apparently because the default WebView application has been updated with a faulty update.

Another great reason for an app to crash may be an associated application (for example, some bad updates in the latter). This recently happened with the Android System WebView application, a part of the Android application that allows you to view web pages in other applications. Due to an annoying update, WebView caused crashes in several other applications, such as Gmail, Amazon, web browsers and others. In this case, the solution was to uninstall the recent WebView update (as explained above) or check to see if there was a recent version to update it.

9. Restore the factory settings

To restore the factory settings, go to Settings> Backup and reset> Restore factory settings.

This will reset the operating system installed on your computer to its original or default state. Usually, it also deletes all the data stored by the user, so it is convenient to make a backup copy of all of them.

10. Contact the developer

It is unlikely that there is a programming defect in the application (especially if it is an application from a major developer, such as Instagram, Samsung, Google, Facebook, etc.). However, you can try to get in touch with the email listed on the Google Play app page.