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Why is the fan on my Windows 10 computer or laptop running too fast? How to make him stop calling

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If you were wondering Why my PC fan is running too fast or laptop with Windows 10? And you also want to know what you can do to solve this or reduce the noise, because here we will explain about this problem and what steps you can take to reduce this annoying noise as much as possible.

fans In computers and laptops, these are the most essential part for the proper functioning of the components. Because they have the task of keeping everything at an optimal temperature.

Why is my computer or laptop fan running too fast?

The reasons why a fan can speed up a lot on both computer and laptop are very varied, but it is almost always because there is a temperature problem, which causes the same computer to send you a signal that it needs to accelerate to get hot air out of the interior faster. This is done to avoid damaging the physical components, so as not to be confused with the software.

If the noise comes from inside the case, it may be due to the fan for the CPU or CPU refrigeration problemsThis may be due to the expiration of the thermal paste, so it may be a warning that we need to change it.

On laptops, in general there is usually only one fan, which is responsible for refreshing the processor and the integrated video, so in them it is a little easier to detect why the fan accelerates a lot. Because these inlets are generally small, there is not much airflow, and combining this with working in small spaces or on fabrics could severely disrupt our equipment.

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Another reason a little less common, which can occur on both computers and laptops, is that one of the fans suffered an obstruction and an internal part of it was damaged, so it directly starts to make a very loud noise, giving the impression of acceleration, but which is actually broken.

How do I fix this problem on my computer?

On desktop computers we have a lot of freedom about what we can do improve the noise made by a fanOn the one hand, we need to open the cabinet and turn on the PC, with this we will locate the one that has problems. When we have identified the fan, what we can do is to perform a superficial cleaning, for this there are products such as compressed air, which will make this very easy.

You should take care to disconnect the fan before cleaning it, to avoid problems with the other components, or if you want, you can remove it and clean it in a more comfortable place.

And ultimately, you can consider installing a new fan to quickly get rid of that problem, and with that, you shouldn’t have more problems with annoying noises on your computer.

How do I fix this problem on my laptop?

In the case of laptops, these problems are not so easy to solve just by changing the fan because Each laptop has its own fan, adapted to its design.

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In the first instance what you have to try is to clean it from the outsideWithout discovering anything, you can do this with a box of compressed air, some bring a tool to get to complicated places, with it should come out a large amount of dirt.

If everything is clean and you see that it continues to speed up a lot, you may have an outdated version of the BIOS and need to update it. Although this almost never happens, this may be the case because the BIOS is responsible for recognizing everything on your computer, such as the one that provides the instructions.

Another option to consider is where you normally use your laptop.Try to make it a ventilated place and so that the air outlet is not obstructed by anything else, you should also avoid using it on beds or furniture, as their fabrics can cause temperature rises.