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Why girls use social exclusion

Why girls use social exclusion

If you have a daughter, you may notice social exclusion among girls at her school. You may also find that, despite being taught differently, they continue to socially exclude others. Why do girls get involved in this «bad girl» behavior?

Social exclusion as aggression

Social exclusion is a form of relational aggression, A type of harassment subtle and indirect which girls often use against other girls. Social exclusion is the act of rejecting someone from interpersonal interactions. The victim may be left out of party invitations, may not be allowed to dine with a group of girls, or may be rejected altogether.

Social exclusion can also occur when unpleasant rumors spread about the victim, which can be caused by cyber aggression or in real life. As rumors circulate, the victim loses more and more friends and is avoided by others. The victim may have been friends with the girls who now locked them out of their interactions or may have been excluded from the start.

Is social exclusion innate?

According to a research study, your daughter and her friends can act naturally when they socially exclude others. investigate , published in Psychological sciences , showed that when women were threatened with social exclusion, they tended to exclude another person before they could be excluded. Men, on the other hand, do not tend to do this.

The research was conducted with students, but since relational aggression peaked during adolescence, the findings were likely to have been stronger only if examined in preadolescents. Keep in mind that this was a study and it could be a leap to say that it shows that social exclusion is innate rather than cultural or learned.

Fete Vs. boys

Why do girls resort to social exclusion when they are threatened and boys do not? It probably has to do with the difference between male and female social scenes, the researchers say. Men tend to have groups of friends, while women tend to encourage personal friends.

When a man is socially excluded, he has many more friends in his trust group. A girl, on the other hand, loses her great potential ally when she is socially excluded. Studies show that girls are more jealous than boys when their same-sex friends make new friends.

The pain it causes

Losing a close friend is not only painful, but can also take advantage of evolutionary fears of being left unprotected and vulnerable. So, instead of being excluded, girls attack preventively and exclude others. Given this, it is not surprising that social exclusion is an integral part of the social scene of high school women. Bad Girls they can be born, not made.

A word from Verywell

Social exclusion can be devastating for girls. If your child shows signs of being left out, learn what you can do to help you cope. Continue to teach the child that this is a form of aggression and is not socially