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Who’s calling me on my cell phone?


Certainly, you have received many times calls from numbers you didn’t have in your contacts and you may have wondered, «Who’s calling me?» It’s normal, it happened to us all and it happens to us regularly.

If you want to know whose phone number you are calling, you are in the right place. Keep reading and you will see the best websites and applications to discover it.

The best portals to identify who has a landline or landline phone number

Needless to say, first of all, the fastest way is to search for the number in question on Google, the largest search engine in the world. Not sure if something will come out, but sometimes he plays the flute.

And now, without further ado, we present to you the top 5 websites to find out your identity which is hidden behind every number that calls you:


that calls me

The website has a very simple design and is very up to date, with a highly visible search engine so you can find the person you are looking for.

The main counterpart of this portal is that the mobile version doesn’t load very well and it can cause problems, so it’s best to use it on your computer.



The portal is the second option we propose to be able to find a person based on their number, also free of course.

Like the previous one, it has a very simple design, whose main protagonist is the search engine. Unlike before, this website is perfectly adapted for the mobile version.


who called me

The site goes in the same way as the previous websites you have already seen, being able to choose your country to do a correct search.

It’s a page with very up-to-date data because it feeds on the information that users contribute, which is very good.



If all of the above options didn’t work for you, we’ll get back to you another website where you can search for your phone number again concerned. We are talking about

As in the previous proposal, you can select the desired country so that the search is efficient in your country’s database.


that calls me

Finally, we want to talk to you about, another very good portal to perform a reverse phone number lookup.

Remarkably, that your the database is worldwide, so it integrates many countries. This way, you’ll be able to locate phones in Spain (such as 910213245, a very common commercial number) or outside of Spain (such as 19393327260 or 1122068250, two well-known commercial numbers).

The best apps to find out whose phone number it is

Now let’s move on to the application format so you can see who is calling you (in some cases in real time). There are many applications that offer this functionality, but we have selected them the best 3 for Android and iPhone:

1. WhatsApp

How? WhatsApp? That’s right, dear friend. Although it is true that WhatsApp will not tell you who is calling you in real time, yes it allows you something great that few people take advantage of.

The trick is this:

  1. Access the call list.
  2. Add the phone that called you to the contact list and give it the temporary name you want, for example «Contact X».
  3. Open WhatsApp and sync your contacts.
  4. Now search for the contact by the name you gave.
  5. Look at her picture and you probably know who she is

2. TrueCaller

Let’s go now to see an application dedicated exclusively to giving you real-time information about the number that calls you, so you can see who he is even if he is not in your contact list.

We are talking about TrueCaller, an application with many downloads and well known. Where do you get the information from? Well his private database, which will allow you to know the identity of unknown or hidden numbers.

3. Whoscall

Finally, we can not fail to mention Whoscall, an application very similar to the previous one bases its operation on its private database to be able to tell you the identity of the number calling you.

This application has several advantages despite the fact that it is not so well known: for example, that it can work without the internet or allow you to perform additional functions, such as activating call blocking from the numbers you choose.

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