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Who’s calling me on my cell phone? Find out whose phone number it is

Who's calling me on my cell phone?  Find out whose phone number it is

You’ve wondered many times Who’s calling me on my phone right now? When we do not know an unknown number in our head many questions arise:

How to know whose fixed number is in Spain

  • Whose number is this, what number do you call me constantly?
  • Who owns this mobile phone number in Spain?
  • How is a phone number?
  • Whose fixed number is it?
  • Who owns this landline number in Spain?

On many occasions, these are marketing companies that want to sell at any cost and, through these direct calls, bother the customer and can give us difficulties.

Let’s get over all the ways to know who called me from a landline or mobile phone to search for the owner of that device.

You may be interested to know how to locate mobile devices that exist remotely on the internet.

Why should I know who is calling me on my mobile or landline?

When someone we don’t know calls us repeatedly, we always think it’s a survey from a phone company or similar. However, we want to find a landline or mobile phone number to stay calm.

Doubt arises when the unknown person can be an important person, such as a distant relative, a last minute tax, the company that wants to give us the job, and so on.

At first glance we look at the prefix, if it doesn’t start with +34 it will be international, so there may be even more doubts.

Only with this tutorial will you be able to find out who is calling you quickly using an application:

Whose phone is this – Companies

It is very likely that your number is in many databases that marketing companies obtain. Most calls come from call centers in Latin countries, so you’ll see a very long number or a hidden number directly.

Although there are many companies, these are very common:

  • 696843771
  • 912654147
  • 935470302
  • 915853799

The best websites to know who is calling me

Through these online portals you can identify the calls simply by entering the phone that does not stop bothering you, this way you will quickly detect if SPAM is recognized.

Note: you should know that currently Spanish companies can no longer call a hidden number from the consumer, although obviously there are entities that do not comply with these laws and do what they want.

Beware of phone spam that tries to capture private data or bring you directly to a paid premium service without your consent.

How to know who is calling you with Listaspam

Who's calling me

This famous scam site has stopped many famous scams.

In listspam you do not need a record, just enter the number that is harassing you and it will check with its database until it finds the original source.

It serves for Spain and Latin America, it also shows you a list of spam numbers that people report through a tab that the web makes available to you.

How to know whose phone number is with TelefonoSpam

This directory hosts one of the largest lists of spam phones on the internet. It feeds on a reverse phone book of thousands of requests that users contribute daily to check dangerous and annoying numbers.

The interesting thing about this portal is that you can:

  • Know the most searched numbers (topspam)
  • Find international and national prefixes
  • Create your own report if you can’t find the number
  • Collaborate with the community to protect the user

From Telefonospam you will identify who called in a few seconds.

Find out who’s calling you with Tellows

The Tellows service works similarly to the ones mentioned to know what number I’m calling. Enter a suspicious phone number through a central search engine and you will see the comments of other users.

This reverse directory has a heat map showing the sites where several scams have taken place, in addition to the fact that it operates in different countries.

As a matter of fact, this platform has an application for Android and iOS, both free.

List of spam phones with infotelephony

Through this telephone directory located in Spain, you can find out whose unknown number is harassing you and who owns this landline which is constantly repeated ..

The web is divided into several sections, such as:

  • Blog: Keep up to date with new scams and phone harassment
  • Comments: community comment numbers
  • Contact: speak directly for assistance

You can evaluate a number to identify how Neutral, Sure or Toxic, so other users will consider your opinion.

An unknown number calls me with

How to know whose mobile phone number is in Spain

Another similar service with a very minimalist look. Simply enter the phone number to search and the system will search a large database.

Take a look at the comments that appear below the box where the community will talk and have new events.

Who called the cell phone

This phone number search service is in 4 languages. There is only a search engine, a small text disclaimer and reviews for many numbers that have been identified as suspicious.

The good thing about this platform is the interaction of all users, you can see many comments about complaints, phone harassment, unknown calls, contacts via WhatsApp and Facebook, as well as pages that collect numbers.

The best English language websites to know who is calling you

Not only are there portals in Spanish, but you can also receive many international calls with very long prefixes, on which the above directories do not contain this data.

Who’s calling me

search for mobile phone holder by number

At the moment, one of the most complete, in addition to having a central search engine, this site has a huge forum with thousands of requests in English.

Here you will find everything you need, otherwise ask the community by opening a new thread on the forum.

Phone owner

The best thing about this site is classifying the area code to locate an unknown call. You have prefix codes like 2xx, 3xx to 9xx to locate any mobile phone you don’t know where to call from.

So you can track a cell phone off until you find it.

Unknown phone

Very similar to the previous one, its functionality is the best:

  • Top spam: the most searched numbers
  • Report a number: Report a fraudulent number
  • Top search: the most searched numbers
  • Area codes: area codes

As you can see, it is very difficult for you not to find out the origin of a call considered spam.

Applications to find out who owns this mobile phone number

If you don’t want to constantly see the harassing number on your computer, you can also use apps to find out who’s calling me.


reverse cell phone search spain

An option considered the best to know whose unknown number is the entire Android community.

The Truecaller app works on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can quickly register from a social network, and when you enter an unknown number, its database will check the numbers to see the matches.


To know who called me on my cell phone It’s easy thanks to Contactive, a company that belongs to the famous Thinking Phones group.

Thanks to your information system, it can recognize:

  • Who’s calling
  • What social networks are associated with this number
  • Where it is usually found (with chronology)


An application that fulfills its mission, to know who called from a private and unknown number to our devices.

They themselves encourage you to try the service by calling in secret and they will discover your mobile phone in seconds. They also say they are investigating spam (and scam) and other so-called spam marketing functions with abusive services.


This unknown caller ID has won several awards on Google Play for its efficiency and user recognition.

With more than 50 million downloads, whoscall lets you find out unknown calls, block spam, bot calls, and host a database of over 1 million known and unknown records.

Tracking the location of the mobile caller

Thanks to this application you can get the location of the company or the caller. It offers you several interesting things:

  • Call barring
  • List of records for that operator
  • Search for the area, status, and location of the incoming call

How to stop receiving unwanted advertising with Robinson lists

For starters, what are Robinson lists?

the company to which this phone number belongs

It is a large public database in which many users and companies register, so that unwanted advertising does not reach them. It is managed by AEED (Spanish Agency for General Economics) and tries to protect users who have submitted a petition on its platform.

In Robinson lists you can sign up for one or more lists, depending on the type of advertising you don’t want to continue to receive:

  • Physical letters on paper
  • Email spam (usually scam and phishing)
  • SMS messages
  • Phone calls with abusive practices

In general, it works very well, but you have to remember that each record is individual, as well as the lists.

In the hypothetical case where I publish it for a few days, you will need to find out the origin of that hidden call and then contact the company or person to avoid these practices.

Obviously, we recommend that you write the spam number on all the platforms mentioned throughout this article.

After all, you don’t know whose number it is and I’m still harassing you

After completing the practices we have explained, they can continue to call you at any time in an annoying way.

what number is calling me

This is exactly the case when you sign up for the Robinson lists, the telephone agent does not stop. Then you need to follow this action protocol (complaint):

  • Go to the consumer association and report phone spam.
  • Request an appointment in the citizen section in the EDPS register
  • Look for spam on social media and share your situation with other users
  • Write negative reviews of the agency on review platforms, such as Google reviews or Reliable pilot

With all this information, you’ll be able to protect yourself properly, know who’s calling, and handle these annoying calls until it’s no longer a nuisance. The eternal doubt of where is this phone number from you are likely to solve it.

Note: Although it may seem obvious, under no circumstances should you provide personal information to unknown numbers, especially if the dialing number is hidden.

Take a look at this new mobile phone repair profession to repair home terminals.

Companies will never ask you for confidential information, such as account numbers or passwords, not even your bank, even if they all say they are services and call you later.

How to find out a phone number he belongs to

Portals such as Listaspam, Tellows, Applications such as Truecaller, Contact and Trapcall In the article you can find out who is calling your mobile phone or landline

Learn free cell phone support

To find out the individual behind the phone line to consult, the best option is to consult databases of people such as white pages, yellow pages, etc.

How do I know who is calling me online?

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