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Where to download Tasker profiles and how to upload (import) or distribute (export)

Dónde descargar perfiles para Tasker y cómo cargarlos (importar) o compartirlos (exportar)

Tasker is a powerful Android application that allows you to automate virtually anything on your mobile phone, without having to do it manually or repeatedly. Unfortunately, it is quite complex to use and create automations (profiles), even if it is in Spanish. Fortunately, there are profiles for Tasker already developed by others, so you just need to download them and open them in the application (import). If you have created your own profiles, you can share them so that other people can take advantage of them in the same way (export).

Download ready-made profiles for Tasker

A good start to finding and downloading existing Tasker profiles is from the wiki (in English) where the community of users using this application has published their creations. Just open any of the links or links, locate the link that writes Unload to download the profile in XML format and then import it into the application.

It should be noted that some profiles do not have the link to download the profile, but simply provide a description of it and how to manually implement it in Tasker.

How to import a profile in Tasker

import tasker profile

After downloading your Tasker profile with the .XML extension from the previous site or another from the Internet, you will only need to upload it to the application. To import a profile into Tasker, on the Home screen, tap and hold the tab profiles and choose the option to import. On the screen that opens, locate the profile you want to import into the device memory and select it (as I said, this file is normally in XML format).

Once imported, the profile can be disabled or its components and features can be edited by tapping it.

Note: When you import a profile for the first time, the application may display a warning that the profile may be a means creating spam. An XML file itself is not dangerous because it is simply text, but if in doubt about it, you can always check the contents of the XML file and check if its lines of text are not suspicious in this regard before importing it. . Tasker.

How to export a Tasker profile

export the tasker profile

If you’ve created one or more profiles that do great things on your mobile phone, we recommend sharing them with others. To do this you will need to export them: press and hold for a few seconds on the profile you want to export. At the top, tap 3 points and choose To export. In the box that appears, choose XML to storage. The profile in XML will be saved in the internal memory of the Android device, especially in the directory Tasker> profiles. To share it, go to that directory with the «Files» application on your phone or similar (if you don’t have one, install a third-party file browser), tap and hold the profile, and choose the means you want to share it with. The person receiving the profile only needs to import it as indicated at the beginning in order to take advantage of it immediately.

Import and export tasks and scenes to Tasker

A scene in Tasker is basically a user interaction screen. A task is instead an action that the tasker performs. The process is exactly the same for importing and exporting a task or scene to Tasker. You must first access the tab thing or scenes and perform the same procedure indicated above.

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