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When is Google’s anniversary

When is Google's anniversary

google anniversary It is one of the events that the most famous search engine on the internet celebrates every year with one of its doodles. And it seems that less time has passed, but the history of Google began in September 1998 and since then, the internet giant has not stopped growing. The truth is that there is no specific day to determine the exact date of Google’s anniversary, but the search engine always chooses September to celebrate it.

The history of Google since its inception

one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five

In 1995, when google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were 23 and 24, respectively, met at a ceremony held by Stanford University.

one thousand nine hundred ninety-six

Larry and Sergey start collaborating by creating the first search engine, which was named BackRub. The idea was to create an environment that would allow it to run on state-of-the-art computers. In just one year, BackRub was already famous.


Larry and Sergey continue to make improvements to their search engine, trying to contact investors to help them fund their project. One of the founders Sun Microsystems, Andy Bechtolsheim, began to see that this new search engine had great potential. A few weeks later, Google will be created. By September of that year, the company already had its own offices in Menlo Park, California. Despite being in beta, Google already had 10,000 searches a day.


In 1999, they raised $ 25 million, and more and more companies began to show interest in the new company. On September 21, 1999, it was no longer a beta version.


In 2001 he joined the team Eric schmidt, a successful businessman who has contributed to the unstoppable growth of the company. He was a key figure in establishing new alliances and acquisitions, going as far as transforming Google into the giant it has become today. In addition, it is released Google Images and open the first international office in Tokyo.


Google creates Google AdSense, one of his most successful creations based on segmented advertising by content. He will come later Google Books, one of the largest online libraries.

And since then, Google has continued to grow, innovating with new products, such as its successful advertising system. Google AdSense or your browser Google Chrome.


Born Google Maps, Google Talk and Google Analytics.


Google is in the top 100 companies according to Fortune magazine. They will also launch one of their most ambitious projects; Android, Google’s platform for mobile devices.


Believe Google Art Project, a project with which it is possible to visit works of art from museums around the world. It is also being launched Google Wallet, a payment system on the internet and the Google+ network.


The first project of Google glasses and Google Drive, a tool for creating and editing content.

And so, year after year, Google continues to grow, creating new products, new services for its loyal users.

What is the final date chosen by Google to celebrate your birthday?

Google does not have a definite date, however, since 2012, it decided to choose September 27 as the last day. Why this meeting? For the simple reason that this time Google broke the record for indexed pages.

Since then, Google is celebrating its anniversary with the most original doodles. One of the most striking was the one commemorating 19 years.

For such an important date, he launched a doodle with a roulette wheel that contained 19 games, some of them as well known as the game «Snake», «tic-tac-toe» and even a fun baseball game between snails.

Google has managed to become the most important search engine on the Internet. Its simplicity and attractiveness, as well as its ease of use and effectiveness, have made Google a benchmark that has continued to evolve to improve its user experience.