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WhatsApp What are the new WhatsApp security policies and what happens if I don’t accept them?

WhatsApp What are the new WhatsApp security policies and what happens if I don't accept them?

WhatsApp is the largest technology messaging network in the world, so it has been shown to the world as a clear competition from Telegram, thus being updated from time to time and this is to offer a better user experience.

So we will not be able to complain, however, there has been some unrest recently as network users have started to be alarmed as the app wanted to update their policies en masse, this caused panic about them and caused a huge increase in Telegram users in just a few days.

Safety has always been first and foremost for most users and has required people to be calm about a topic. security and privacy it’s hard.

Because most of us hide stories from our contacts, at that level we care about our privacy and when a giant like WhatsApp wants to abuse this, it is normal to feel bad, but it is not something that little information can not fix.

What happens if I do not accept the new policies?

By not accepting the new policies during the period certain time that WhatsApp will tell you with a message on its main screen when you open the app, WhatsApp will continue to put screens on you when you start the app asking you to accept them and update to the new version until the time comes when it asks you to delete account ( as with Black Berry users).

So you will no longer have access to the application or any of its functions, although from a personal point of view the ideal is to let the most important networks in the world do their job, because as I said before your information is not at risk With these new policies, WhatsApp does not want to endanger its users.

Although you will be able to receive messages when the app is still installed, you will not be able to reply to them or go beyond opening the app and see a huge alert on the screen asking you to accept the policies. «Close» the window that announces you to accept the policies but with the days it will be permanent until you accept the new policies.

What do the new policies mean and how do they work?

WhatsApp explains how its policies work and the most important points to consider on the screen that appears when you open WhatsApp, here are the points explained one by one.

  • «Easier to understand information» Now WhatsApp will be much clearer in its functions, such as calls and WhatsApp Web.
  • «We joined Facebook in 2014» This point gives us trust that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook.
  • «Your messages belong to you and we can’t read them» WhatsApp itself when you open a chat warns you that messages are encrypted from one end to the other, so neither WhatsApp nor anyone other than who you’re sending the message to can read your conversation .
  • «Zero third-party banner advertising» Platform advertising is something they haven’t contemplated at the moment.
  • WhatsApp «your options» emphasizes that you and only you can decide your account privacy, deciding whether to share your profile photo, hide your status from someone, show your information or not.

The first of many updates

These new policies leave our image completely marked the future of instant messaging, same as previous updates.

new whatsapp privacy policies

Undoubtedly this will not be the last update we have about this application and, as a user, we have to decide whether or not we want it, unfortunately we are subject to the understanding that if we do not want to accept the new policies, we will not be allowed access to the application.

WhatsApp, like many instant messaging applications available in the Play Store, gives us policies that we must accept and when we download and register we accept them, so it is important read these policies Before creating a user for us and using the application normally, this will avoid many problems.