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WhatsApp Web How to turn on or turn off dark mode on my computer’s WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web How to turn on or turn off dark mode on my computer's WhatsApp Web

It is well known today visual health problems which can cause prolonged exposure to bright light produced by screens on your mobile phone or PC.

And in this sense, various applications, social networks and communication platforms have developed solutions to this problem, such as the dark mode in Google Chrome. But in this article we will teach you in a very simple way how to enable dark mode in whatsapp web on your computer

The WhatsApp website is an alternative to using the instant messaging platform a personal computer. And, of course, you should already know how it is possible to use this platform and how to activate it without major complications. But some PCs do not have dark mode enabled, so it is almost impossible to make adjustments to the screen brightness.

Dark mode is a feature that makes users of this app very happy, as you may be able to stay connected to this platform for much longer. Especially at night when the effect of the glare in the eyes is usually felt with a greater intensity. And then we’ll see the simple ones the steps you need to follow to activate the dark theme on the WhatsApp web.

Steps to activate dark mode in WhatsApp Web

We will show you how simple and fast it can be enable dark mode on the WhatsApp web. And for that, you just need to follow these steps and to get started you just need to go to your web browser and enter the following web address. Which will take you to the main page of WhatsApp.

The next step is to start the session as you normally would, being in your profile you will go to the three point icon. The one found located on the left panel, you click on it and this action will show you a menu of options on the screen. And in our case we have to click on the «Configuration» option.

You will now be taken to its window, where you can see some options that will allow you to make adjustments to the messaging platform. Now we need to select by clicking on the «Theme» option, it is necessary for this option to appear to be able to activate the dark mode. Otherwise it will be impossible and you just have to wait for this feature to be activated.

WhatsApp Web Dark theme settings

After clicking on the «Theme» option, a new box will appear on the screen where you can see the two possible options to select. You can see «Claro» and it is the option that default is selected or «Dark». This is the option to choose and then you have to click on the «Ok» option and for the changes to take effect you have to click on the «Ok» option again.

laptop whatsapp web dark mode

Immediately the new theme you have selected will be applied to the platform where you can see that the screen will reduce the brightness. Displaying now dark and gray tones, This feature will allow you to extend your night shift when chatting.

If you use the web application and it looks very dark, you can re-enter the system configuration and change the selection. It is important to understand this option does not work as in the mobile version. Which can be applied to configuration hours, while the active function is always displayed.

As you can see, it is an excellent feature, which is now available and you can activate it at any time. In addition, you have already checked how simple it is, as well as closing open WhatsApp web sessions from your mobile or computer. And now you know how to activate the dark theme of WhatsApp web.