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WhatsApp States How to make certain people not see my WhatsApp states WhatsApp allows us to upload states, which, in short, is …

WhatsApp States How to make certain people not see my WhatsApp states WhatsApp allows us to upload states, which, in short, is ...

WhatsApp allows us to upload states, which, in short, is a feature that gives us the option to upload audiovisual content that lasts 24 hours, which can be seen by different people depending on our choice, but what happens when we do not know how to configure states to choose which people can see it? In this quick and easy guide we will show you how to do it.

Who can see my WhatsApp status?

There are 2 factors that determine whether or not people can see our WhatsApp status, the first is whether our status is public, while the second is whether our status is not public, we choose this configuration ourselves when uploading a status to our profile, whether we do it from our iPhone or Android device.

If your status is public

On the one hand, if we choose that our WhatsApp states are public, automatically all those contacts we recorded on our phone they will be able to see it and, if they wish, they can answer as well. In addition, the number of people who see our state has no limit.

If it is not public

On the other hand, if our states are not public, they can only be seen by those people we allow when we upload a status, this is useful if we want one or more specific people not to see our common states. through it’s a good way to respect privacy.

How do I choose who will see my status?

Whether for privacy reasons, hiding the status of our contacts is very common and is very easy and fast, if we want to perform this procedure, we must follow a series of steps below:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile device, it is recommended to update it to avoid problems with it.
  2. At the top of the screen, we will choose the option that says «STATE» Then, press the three vertical dots at the top right of the interface.
  3. Several options will be displayed, we have to choose the one that says «Privacy status», here we will be shown an interface where we will be shown the options who can see our status.
  4. We will select the second option, which says «My contacts, except …» and then a list of all the contacts we have registered on our phone will be displayed.
  5. Finally, we choose those contacts that we do not want to see the status, then we press the check button to then press the ok button and save the data.

Now it’s just a matter of uploading a status, and the people you’ve selected in the list won’t see your status.

the state of charge chooses people

In fact, all those contacts that you have selected in the «My contacts, except …» list will not be able to see your status via WhatsApp, because if you enter the status section, none of your status will appear, like you’ve never uploaded one.

Something worth mentioning is that it is possible for the people you have on the mentioned lists to see your status, but only if they see it from the phone of one of the contacts, who, if you are allowed to see your status. In addition, all the processes mentioned above can be done in a very similar way on the interface of the WhatsApp website, because it only changes this version is for browsers.

On the other hand, if you want to reverse the above process and want these people to be able to see your condition again, you need to follow these steps:

hide whatsapp web status

You need to enter WhatsApp, in the status part, press the 3 vertical dots to display the options, select the privacy of the status. Here we will have to enter the option of «My contacts, except …» To display our contact list, we need to uncheck the various contacts we want to see the status again, finally press the check button. And that’s it! Our contacts will be able to see the photos we upload to our state.