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WhatsApp State How to upload a photo as a status on WhatsApp without wasting so much time WhatsApp is one of those applications that we ask ourselves, How did we live without …

WhatsApp State How to upload a photo as a status on WhatsApp without wasting so much time WhatsApp is one of those applications that we ask ourselves, How did we live without ...

WhatsApp is one of those applications that we ask ourselves: How did we live without it? It has truly become a part of the daily life of any smartphone user. From sending messages, photos, videos and even making video calls, this tool is very useful for bringing people together.

One of the Highlight WhatsApp And thanks to what can easily work as a social network, it allows you to post status of photos or texts, which have a time of 24 hours to be seen by contacts who are part of the same application.

How do I enable WhatsApp status to upload photos?

For starters post statuses on WhatsApp You do not need to activate them, because it is a function that you want or not in the application. What the user can do is hide or allow certain contacts to see it. This is done in the privacy settings, where you can even select to post a status for a specific person, or otherwise allow all contacts to see it.

How do I change my status on WhatsApp?

Once in the app, swipe left and click where it says «My status», and then provide camera options or go to the gallery to define the photo or video you want to share. You will get additional options, such as brushes, stickers, where you can edit what is to be shared.

From which device can I change the status of this application?

Change WhatsApp status It is a task available to all the public, nowadays even the elderly handle this function very well. It can be done from a mobile device and also from the browser by entering WhatsApp Web.

From a mobile device

When you enter WhatsApp, go to the options displayed at the top, there is a «status» tab, click on it and immediately the camera appears, allows and enter the phone book.

WhatsApp web entry from a browser

From the browser you can use the version of WhatsApp Web, it is useful for those people who prefer to work or communicate through a computer and prefer to set aside their mobile.

Once the session is open on WhatsApp Web, locate the profile photo and just above it is the status menu where you can add a new one, share photos or videos and all from your computer.

What kind of files can I upload on WhatsApp as a status?

While WhatsApp allows you to share photos and videos, it has some limitations. These include: maximum video size and length, video formats must be MP4, AVI, MKV and 3GP. One of the novelties of the states is that you can include songs and even better associated with the famous Spotify.

Can I upload high quality photos to my WhatsApp states?

WhatsApp as such reduces the quality of photos and videos, but can be enhanced with web-based applications to optimize file quality. such as Canva or Inshot. It must be taken into account that the quality also depends a lot on the camera on which they are taken, the better the phone has a camera, the better the photo will be. And, of course, it can be published directly to the state.

mobile using WhatsApp

What is the way to upload statuses on WhatsApp without any problems?

When you place a state, you must first secure network connection and be clear about what you are going to publish, whether it is photos or videos, because if there is a bad signal, the publication will remain on alert through a red circle and will not be displayed in the state.

Another important point is to evaluate if it’s a long video, if so, you need to publish it in 30-second steps so that it can be seen in its entirety. If the person will publish a written text, it is recommended to use clear and respectful language, because we have a very diverse audience in our contacts, among colleagues, family and colleagues, and the ideal is to maintain a neutral profile.

Can I delete my WhatsApp status after posting?

Sometimes we regret publishing something, but we don’t have to worry if the state can be removed By the following steps: Open the WhatsApp application, in the status window, click on the three dots next to the status you want to delete, click to delete and voila, it disappears.

elimination of states