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WhatsApp How to silence or block a person from being able to send messages in a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp How to silence or block a person from being able to send messages in a WhatsApp group

How we can communicate with the WhatsApp application has changed over time after its publication in the world of technology. For people who use it personally or professionally, these changes will be noticed and they may not yet know how to use them.

This app has been a big part of our daily lives, whether you use it or talk to one person or use it to have a conversation with multiple people. known «groups» where, if you create one, you can add or add a contact from the list that you save on your phone.

But not all its users use this type of communication correctly, especially most of those that allow us to enter or join WhatsApp groups created through this application. Well, you may have added someone who doesn’t look good or who certainly writes or sends messages you would not like to receive.

In many mobile devices that people use daily, we could find at least one WhatsApp group. And maybe there will be one or two people we don’t want to have there, But don’t worry, we have the solution to be able to keep quiet or hide a WhatsApp contact that is a member of the group you created.

How to silence a member of a WhatsApp group

Creating a WhatsApp group can be quite useful on many occasions, but let’s not rule out that sometimes it can become a little annoying to have to participate in one of these, sometimes for receiving too many notifications of files or messages that have been sent, as may be the case with a person who does not use the group properly.

In addition, when they receive files such as photos, audio, and videos, they cause the phone’s memory to constantly fill up with unnecessary things, but you can change the default storage by avoiding it.

So how can you silence a group user, to do this is important that you are the creator of the group or that you are an administrator. Once you confirm this, continue with the following steps:

  • You have to first Select the WhatsApp group where you want to apply these changes
  • After selecting the group, you should look for the option «Group information”(You can find this option in a three-point bar that you can find at the top of the screen).
  • Then you need to make administrators for all the people who are members of the group except for the user we want to disable or lock (this will also give them permission to manage the group as they wish).
  • After that, from the group settings we will have to look for the option so that only the group administrators can send messages.

Also, at the end of these simple steps, the person you wanted so much to shut up or block in the group You will no longer be able to write or send any type of file to that group. If at any time you want it to send messages again, you will only need to make it the group administrator and it will be able to send messages to each of its members again.

Now, if you want that person to be able to see or know your movements not only in the group, but certainly throughout the app, we’ll explain how to block a user who has your WhatsApp contact.

How to block a WhatsApp user

to block someone who has our number in your contacts and you can see us on WhatsApp, we will have to follow these small steps:

group chat interface on WhatsApp

  • You will first need to enter the WhatsApp application you have on your phone and access its settings.
  • We will look for the option or the section that says «Account» and we select it.
  • From there we will look at where it says «Privacy» and in the same way as the previous one, we will select this one as well.
  • After that, a tab will appear with several options, among which there should be a section that says «Blocked contacts»
  • From this option we can block any contact which is on your phone, especially the one you want and which cannot have contact with you Success!