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WhatsApp How to silence a video to send it via WhatsApp WhatsApp has now implemented a tool to silence a video before …

WhatsApp How to silence a video to send it via WhatsApp WhatsApp has now implemented a tool to silence a video before ...

WhatsApp has now implemented a tool to turn off a video before sending it, because sometimes we only want to show an event that took place without the other person hearing the background sound, because it may contain sensitive or unpleasant information.

It has always been possible to silence a WhatsApp group or even specific people, but now, with this new option you can also add emoticons, texts and custom designs, remove only sound from a video share it with a contact or upload it to a WhatsApp state.

That is, the instrument will always be available when you search for and share a video, regardless of the ultimate goal, unlike texts, because when you share an invitation link to a WhatsApp group you can’t make any changes, you just have to follow what the WhatsApp wizard tells you. The best thing about this new accessory is that you do not need to use external applications, such as Stickers, which must be created from external sources and then exported to WhatsApp.

What type of format should the video have in order to remove the sound?

When you select a video and click share, you’ll notice the video enters the editing section, the fact that it reaches that point means that it is possible to remove the sound before sending it.

You should know that WhatsApp supports a large number of formats of videos such as Mp4, Avi, MPEG-4, MKV, 3GP, among others, which is a great advantage that a user can download a video in the desired format and WhatsApp is sure to play it smoothly.

Do I need an external application to remove sound from a WhatsApp video?

No need to use applications from external sources to remove sound from a video on WhatsApp, because this tool is on the same platform. You can find these tools in the latest version of WhatsApp, so go to the latest version of the Play Store and check for updates available for WhatsApp.

But, as we know, it exists video editing programs, they can place sounds, effects, background music among many things, such as disabling any sound in the video. It is the decision of each user to follow this procedure with professional video programs.

What are the ways to send a video without audio on WhatsApp?

There are two ways to send a soundless video via WhatsApp, one is with the same app and the other is removing the sound from the video before taking it to WhatsApp:

With WhatsApp tools before sending the video

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Select where to share the video, if you have a contact or in your status.
  • Locate the video
  • Click the Speaker icon in the upper left
  • Keep sending

It is important to know that you can also select a video directly in your gallery and, by sharing it with WhatsApp, you can turn off the video sound from the editing section.

Send the video edited by an external application

Each application you use for video editing has its own editing methods as well as programs. I mean, it’s possible remove sound from a video on your mobile or computer following the steps of the tool you want to use.

change the video sound in WhatsApp

What about the original video I had on my cell phone?

WhatsApp has the ability to edit photos and videos before sharing them in a state or with a contact, but no matter what changes you make, nothing ever happens with the original video. That is, your original video will always be the same and will never be changed, whether you add text, stickers, or remove sound.

After sharing the video, you can access the gallery and notice that the video is the sameIf you edit the video with an external application before using WhatsApp, it will be modified depending on the settings of the application you are using.