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WhatsApp How to set my WhatsApp template or password to protect and block my chats

WhatsApp How to set my WhatsApp template or password to protect and block my chats

WhatsApp is currently ranked in one of the top places and among the favorite applications when it comes to sharing any type of personal information, because by high level of security and end-to-end encryption, is defined as one of the most reliable and private platforms on the entire market.

Despite this, there is certainly a curiosity to want to increase your level of cyber security in every possible aspect and social networks. it cannot be the exception.

Therefore, it is important to know each of the ways you can know if your WhatsApp is interfering with or preventing another mobile phone and that is why today I will explain some protect your WhatsApp with model or password.

What are the benefits of protecting my WhatsApp?

Preventing attacks on data encryption on any of our social networks is extremely important, as a low level of cybersecurity would mean that everyone has little knowledge of your past computer or passwords, could access the phone and with it on WhatsApp without you noticing.

One of the biggest benefits of increasing the security level on your mobile phone, in addition to the ones we already mentioned, would be that you can interact with trust and store information in a chat with you to store images. , documents and important dates without having the uncertainty if anyone would see them.

How can I set my WhatsApp password or template?

If your phone has a fingerprint detector, You should know that the latest version of WhatsApp has the option to set the fingerprint lock for both specific chats and the entire application.

But if your mobile phone does not have this function, do not worry, today there are many applications and Launcher, which allow you to do it efficiently.

That’s why today we bring you a list of the most reliable ones based on users, so you can install and make them increase security On your cell phone.

ChatLock +

This app has been rated as the best option for blocking social messaging networks because it will not only allow you to block WhatsApp, but will also be allowed manages access to networks such as Gmail, Hangout, Facebook, Messenger and Telegram

It is an application completely free and with versions available for Android and Apple devices. Its use is very simple and the installation is done practically by itself, because you only have to do the following:

  1. Enter your regular app store.
  2. Enter the word in the navigation bar ChatLock +
  3. Enter the first option
  4. Click on «Installation«.
  5. Then press the «Open«
  6. Follow each of the steps the app tells you to run the app.
  7. And then continue to select the applications you want restricted access to.
  8. Indicate what you want it to be PIN code, (We recommend that there be some information that you should not forget or be able to write somewhere, without anyone else knowing what it is about and thus avoid all kinds of blockages and involuntary impediments when using your mobile phone).
  9. Confirm your selection.
  10. Some devices ask you to restart your computer, but if you don’t, you’ll need to lock it as you normally would, and voila, you’ll already have a «Double padlock» for these very personal applications.

chatlock block whatsapp

Although ChatLock + is the one we recommend the most, here are some alternative applications that have also been evaluated. «Very good„In the most commercial stores such as the AppStore and PlayStore.

With them, in the same way as in the previous one, you are allowed to restrict access to various applications that you have already installed on your mobile phone and you want to strengthen them to a level of security with a password, model or PIN.

  • Ultra AppLock.
  • AppLock Pro.
  • AppLock Aurora.
  • AppBlock.

It’s just a matter of entering some data, looking for it in the app store, waiting for it to download, opening it, selecting the apps to block and you’re done.