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WhatsApp How to know who and at what time my message was read in a WhatsApp group quickly and easily

WhatsApp How to know who and at what time my message was read in a WhatsApp group quickly and easily

Instant messaging wants to give its users real-time information about everything that happens with what they send or share. This is the case with WhatsApp which lets you know if someone has seen or read your message. But in this article we will reach a point that very few know and it is about knowledge who and what time a message from a WhatsApp group was read.

As you can see, it is a different option than the one offered by the individual chats of the WhatsApp application. In which I can see through the verification code, to know when a message is sent, when it reaches the recipient and when he is, he reads it. But in the case of groups, very few people know how they can have this data.

Direct messaging offers amazing features that we still don’t fully master today. And this is the purpose of these tutorials to introduce you to these options, as well as other tricks that will help you a lot when communicating. For example, knowing the last hour to connect a contact, but now you know who in a group sees your messages and what time it is.

How to know who read my messages in a group

As we already mentioned in the introduction of the article, the way a personal chat behaves compared to a group chat in terms of verification is very different. Since we can know that a message has been read when the blue double marking is marked. But in the case of groups, the double blue check will only be marked when all members of the group have seen the message.

You realize the complexity of this and then how is it possible to know if any contact in a group sees my message and, worse, when I do it. For this we will use a function known as «Read the confirmation». And through this function we will get the data we are looking for or who and when in a group reads my messages.

But this feature needs to be active, otherwise you won’t be able to use it in WhatsApp groups. To find out if this feature is enabled, go to the app and click the three-dot icon. Then you need to choose the «Settings» option, then click on the «Accounts» section, then click on «Privacy».

You will be taken to a new window and scroll down until you find the option «Confirm reading» which must be active. Otherwise, you need to press the switch and swipe right until it changes color. This action will indicate that the feature has been successfully activated.

Step to find out who and at what time read my messages in a WhatsApp group

Below we will show you the simple steps you need to follow in order to know for sure who in your group and at what time reads the messages you send. And to start you need to do the following, first you need to find and select the message sent by the group, the next step is to tap the three-point icon.

mobile manual reading of WhatsApp messages

It will be located at the top right of the application, this action will generate an options menu from which you have to click on the «Message information» option. In this new window you will get information about who received the message and the time. But you will also see who read the message and when it was done.

And if it’s as simple as listening to a voice note without it being visible, I’m done with this tutorial. That I taught you a new WhatsApp function and now you know who and at what time read the messages in a group.