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WhatsApp How to free up space in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone – Step by Step Guide WhatsApp is the most used application to communicate worldwide …

WhatsApp How to free up space in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone - Step by Step Guide WhatsApp is the most used application to communicate worldwide ...

WhatsApp is the most used application to communicate worldwide. Mainly, this application offers many tools for your customers, from making video calls to sharing music with your contacts. That’s why below we will teach you the easiest way to free up space for this application.

What should we take into account before freeing up space on WhatsApp?

The first thing we need to consider first free up space on our device, is that all the information we select will be deleted. Therefore, it is vital to know that we want to delete even if we do not need it in the future. In addition, the deletion process is usually not reversible, so those mentioned above are further strengthened.

As for what you can delete, it’s all about the shared files both sent and received. Plus, you can delete individual or group chats Without any problem, you should know that this can be done from a computer via WhatsApp Web.

However, the most delicate things, such as large files, you will have to do forcibly wipe them off the device.

By cleaning the space of your mobile you will achieve this works properly, but you will delete files that may be important to you.

How can I clean my WhatsApp application?

In essence, this gives you a quick and easy way to clean up your storage space. from the same application. But some users do not know it, because in order to do this it is necessary to update the application correctly.

This option is very convenient because we can apply it from any device. But you need to know that when you do this process you need to have a good connection. So, before you apply it, fix any connection error you have.

Check the storage space

The first step you need to apply is to enter the application and access the settings. Where you will need to look for the option that says «Storage and data» and then click «Manage storage». When you sign in, you’ll be able to see at the top the exact amount of space that’s covered on your device, where it is. application media files and other items.

Examine the articles

To free up space, you can delete large files which have been redirected several times or removed items from each chat. You just have to go back to Get in «Manage storage», click ‘More than 5 MB redirect’, or select a special chat.

    WhatsApp storage frees up space

In this area you can tap the sort icon to display items in the desired order and its size will be found in the corner. Select any item to review.

Remove the items

If you want to delete the media files, you will also need to delete the copies to free up space. To do this, re-enter «Manage storage» and enter redirected more than 5 MB.

Here you can select all files or items individually. Then tap the trash can icon, if you have selected highlighted items you will need to tap one of the two options: ‘Delete all but the most important ones or «Delete all».

Also to be able to remove items from a individual by search, you will need to access the Chats tab. Swipe down to display the search option, select videos, photos, or documents. Tap the item you want to delete and the trash can icon, which will be deleted for me.

What are the best external applications to free up space on WhatsApp?

As mentioned above, it is important that the mobile phone does not have a lot of storage space. That’s why you have to prevent this from filling up with videos and photos that I’m sending you. But a very simple way to do this is with the help of applications who are responsible for freeing up space without having to go through lengthy and complicated procedures, some of which are:

delete data from WhatsApp Android

Cleaner for WhatsApp

This is an application that has a concise and graphical interface. Which informs us about the space occupied by audio, photos and other content on WhatsApp. From here you can access and review the content, making it easier find an old file which you can safely delete, it will also display duplicates.

This gives you the option to preview any file, and if you don’t want to delete it, you can move it to another folder. You can too set up cleaning automatically which will be done from time to time.

XtrasZone Smart Clean

It is a cleaning product dedicated to removal any kind of garbage, being one of the strongest and can eliminate everything. From cached files to hidden files.