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WhatsApp How to delete, deactivate or delete my WhatsApp account easily forever

WhatsApp How to delete, deactivate or delete my WhatsApp account easily forever

Human beings are eager to be a part of everything trend or fashion and therefore we can create different accounts. Or install social networks or direct messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, without using the Play Store.

But probably, although it contains very attractive functions, it does not convince you and you want to eliminate it. For this reason, in this article we will teach you how to delete, deactivate or delete your WhatsApp account forever.

A user may have various reasons why they want to delete their WhatsApp account and join other accounts that offer similar services, such as Telegram. Although there are many debates about which is better and safer. But the truth is, if you feel that it does not give you what you expect or your personal data may be compromised, then it is advisable to refuse.

No matter what reasons you want to argue, you have the perfect right to leave WhatsApp and we are obliged to teach you how to do it. Therefore, in this tutorial you will have the information you need and in simple steps you will know. How to delete, deactivate or delete the WhatsApp account forever.

Aspect to consider when deleting WhatsApp

When such a decision is made delete an account and especially WhatsApp, you should know some important aspects and it is better to analyze it before taking this step. The first is that the elimination is not reversible.

Therefore, when you delete it, all the data you have saved on this platform will also do so. Messaging does not back up account servers that have been deleted.

Therefore, you must have the foresight before performing deleting your WhatsApp account, make a different backup than WhatsApp. Because we repeat it, you will lose everything, absolutely everything. But if your intentions to delete your account still persist, then stop talking and see what we are afraid to do.

Steps to delete WhatsApp account on iPhone

In order to delete a WhatsApp account forevere, you need to follow different steps depending on the mobile you are using. And in this case we will tell you the steps to follow if you have WhatsApp installed on an iPhone device. The first step is obvious and consists in introducing the WhatsApp mobile application.

Once inside, we will go to the application settings and when we are in its window we will click on the «Accounts» section. This action will take us to your window and in it we can see different options. Such as confidentiality, security, two-step verification, number change, requesting information and, of course «Delete my account»

We will click on this last option to be directed to the window that will show us what the risks of deleting the account will be and to which we have already referred previously. If you want to continue the process, you need to enter the phone number and then click on the option «Delete my account» which will be in a red box.

Steps to delete WhatsApp account on Android

To delete your WhatsApp account from your Android device, you need to do the following, first enter the app. While you’re at it, go to the top right corner and tap the three-point icon, this action will generate a menu, and you need to click «Settings.» In this window you will click on the «Accounts» section and then select the last option «Delete my account».

mobile delete WhatsApp account

In the next window you will receive a message telling you what will happen if you continue with this action. In case of continuation, you have to move at the end of the window and in it you have to enter your phone number.Finally, you need to click on the option «Delete my account». This way, you deleted your WhatsApp account forever.

You realize how simple and fast it is delete your WhatsApp accountas well as activating the dark mode in the WhatsApp web. And if you have any comments or suggestions, don’t stop by the suggestion box below.